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Recapping Idolm@ster Seiyuu Solo Debuts


It’s becoming more and more common today for seiyuu to venture into the world of solo musical careers not unlike that of traditional idols. In the past year there have been an incredible amount of seiyuu who have announced their own solo debuts and unsurprisingly many of them are also idolm@ster seiyuu. These solo careers aren’t technically related to idolm@ster but are still often supported by the established fans from the idolm@ster fanbase. Since we’re all DDs (daredemo daisuki “I like anyone”) here anyway I wanted to take a minute to list the recent im@s seiyuu who have debuted recently. I’ve been a supporter and fan of Mingosu and Eriko’s solo music the past few years myself and have found it to be a truly rewarding experience watching them perform both in and outside of idolm@ster. With so many young and cute seiyuu getting solo debuts lately it no longer really surprises me whenever another solo debut is announced anymore but I still get excited and can’t wait to see what’ll be in store for them in the upcoming future. So if you’re a fan of young and cute girls, bad news but prepare those wallets now. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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Better Know a Producer #22 : Setsuna


Hello and welcome to LAST entry in our Better Know a Producer series.  We’ve been doing this for almost a year and a half now and  as of this post have covered 22 different Producers from different parts of the world. I hope you’ve been enjoying reading these as much as I have and after this I’ll be looking into the possibility of a new interview series for other Producers who have yet to be featured on this website.

But without any further ado the last P to be interviewed is a great friend of mine SetsunaP who is also a Haruka Producer from about the same era when I got into im@s. Since then I’ve seen him fall into Love Live, Cinderella Girls, Million Live, basically everything so you could say he’s a DD. The very first night I stayed in Japan was actually at his place while he still lived in Japan so I have a lot of fun memories hanging out with Sets during those times.

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Better Know a Producer #21 : MatchaP


Two of these posts in a row?! Don’t worry we’ll be slowing content to normal soon enough. Today we have MatchaP, an American born Chihaya P who currently resides in glorious nippon. Matcha is a great example of how chance encounters can lead to lasting friendships; Matcha himself having been picked up by HPT at a Mingosu live concert when they noticed that he wasn’t Japanese (that’s how desperate we are to make friends). Matcha’s like a big brother to me, and I slept on his couch when I was in Japan for Nakamuland. When you think of Matcha it’s simultaneous with Uesaka Sumire aka Sumipe, and he himself is probably recognized by Sumipe by now with all the eventing he’s done. спасибо!

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Better Know a Producer #20: ToastCrust


This series is still alive! It is! I’ve actually known Toast since before I was very deep into idolm@ster, in fact I likely wasn’t aware he was also a fan back then. It’s actually also thanks to him that I bought all of the G4U editions of the idolm@ster anime BDs back in 2012, since I saw him buy one of the volumes on Twitter. I then figured, hey I can do that too right? RIP $1000+

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Today the Million Live 3rd Live tour is starting with the Nagoya venue, and next week, on 7 February 2016 the tour will move to Sendai. We’ll introduce the girls appearing in Sendai this time around. There was also a request for the profile of the idols too so people not familiar can get to know them too, I’ve added those into this article. The previous article was also updated to reflect this.

For Machico and Tsubati’s profile, please check the previous article as she also appeared in Nagoya!

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Better Know a Producer #18: Landro


Niichang yolo yolo! Landro is one of the first P friends I ever made so I was pretty ecstatic to finally meet him in person at 9th for the first time when I did. Anime North 2015 with Asapon guesting was especially fun too since Landro is also a Futami twins P and it was pretty epic to see a Futami P’s reactions to meeting the real person. A lot of my fun memories in Akiba involve running around the arcades with Landro and he’s quite skilled at a lot of various games himself. Good taste in games, doujinshi, a good man who has done me more favors than I can count. I want to marry him one day.

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