The tour that started in January is finally coming to an end next weekend in Makuhari, with Yamazaki Haruka and Tadokoro Azusa as the leaders. Keep reading after the break for the profile of the remaining girls!


Name: Saitou Yuka (斉藤佑圭)
Nickname: Yukachi, Yukke (ゆかち、ゆっけ)
Birthdate: 13 November 1986
Hobbies/Skills: Soft Tennis, Skiing, Cooking
Image Colour: Grey
Solo Songs: Beginner’s☆Strike (ビギナーズ☆ストライク), Day After “Yesterday”
Other Work: Seitokai no Ichizon (Akaba Chizuru), Daitoshoukan no Hitsujikai (Sakuraba Tamamo)

A Kamen Rider fan, Yukke recently tweeted her happiness after being able to do voice work for Kamen Rider Battride War. She entered her agency on the same time as Mikami Shiori (Akkariiiiiiin from Yuruyuri), and is close with her. She also got married to Kusao Takeshi recently.


Name: Nagayoshi Subaru (永吉昴)
Age: 15
Birthdate: 20 September
Measurements: 79-59-78
Hobbies/Skills: Baseball, Throwing curve balls

Subaru refers to herself using オレ, and doesn’t like wearing skirts. Her dream is to have ramen shops ask for her signature. When she was a younger, she’s scare off her opponents just by standing on the baseball mound. In her Live Theater Performance she got nervous about standing up on stage that she ended up crying.


Name:  Koiwai Kotori (小岩井ことり)
Nickname: Kokko-chan (こっこちゃん)
Birthdate: 15 February 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Fishing, Computer assembly
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs: Maria Trap, Torikago Scripture (鳥籠スクリプチュア)
Other Work: Non Non Biyori (Renge Miyauchi),  Joshiraku (Harokitei Kigurumi)

She felt emotions through Pikachu’s cries as a child and asked her teacher about the profession, and ended up admiring it. When she was 17, she was offered to do narration for a corporate video by her friend’s sister and really enjoyed it. Her dream is to be able to hold her own solo live at the Budokan and she also wants to be a composer/songwriter for a lot of artists. Kokko-chan assembles her own PC for fun.


Name: Tenkuubashi Tomoka (天空橋朋花)
Age: 15
Birthdate: 11 November
Measurements: 80-56-79
Hobbies/Skills: Making fans happy, Arguing

Tomoka calls her fans little pigs, and her fans are have formed a group known as the Heavenly Knights (天空士団) which Tomoka has used to throw President Kuroi to the sea before for bothering their unit. She has a way with words, and seem to like arguing with Matsuri. According to Yuriko she’s of the Dark type.

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Name: Abe Rika (阿部里果)
Nickname: Bea (べあ~)
Birthdate: 20 September
Hobbies/Skills: Giving nicknames, observing jellyfish
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs: POKER POKER, …In The Name Of。 …LOVE?
Other Work: Kanabou Bea~ no Dontokoi Radio (Radio Show)

She enjoys making creative dishes for her friends, giving people nicknames and also boxing. Abe Rika also has 2nd grade English Cetification.


Name: Makabe Mizuki (真壁瑞希)
Age: 17
Birthdate: 27 January
Measurements: 73-54-77
Hobbies/Skills: Magic Tricks, Baton Twirling

Mizuki doesn’t really show her emotions, even when she’s 120% hyped up. She’s good at poker, but isn’t sure exactly why. In the manga her vocal teacher praised her for her singing voice, but asked her to try and put more emotions into singing, causing her to ask other idols and the producer about what love is.


Name: Hamasaki Nana
Birthdate: 6 September
Hobbies/Skills: Animals, Drawing
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs: My Pace☆My Way (マイペース☆マイウェイ), Motomu vs My Future  (求ム VS マイ・フューチャー)
Other Work: Code Geass OZ The Reflection (Oldrin Zevon)

Nana talked about how Dreamscape, Subaru and Noriko’s duet song from the 6th LTD is one of her favourites because it reminded her of a certain Subaru card. A while after the Sendai venue, she went out to eat with Kondo Yun and found out how serious of a player Yunkon is.


Name: Fukuda Noriko (福田のり子)
Age: 18
Birthdate: 30 March
Measurements: 87-58-87
Hobbies/Skills:  Watching fights, driving motorcycles

Because of her hobbies, she wants to become an idol to become cuter. She’s good at doing mike performances like in pro wrestling, and seems to wear a Tekken shirt a lot. She once watched pro wrestling at night with the Producer, and put him in a Cobra Twist when he got sleepy.

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