10th Anniversary Projects

1. commission artwork for site and flower wreath – our resident licensem@ster has some hookups, but others are welcome. concept is more important right now.

2. flower wreath(s) – if demand is there we can do more than one, now that we know how it works for best value

3. teespring – get @momotato to build us another nice shirt! pretty please!

4. basketball jersey – probably spec out from a vendor and provide ballpark price. then take orders.


HPT site goal and notes

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Goal:a place to post English-language IM@S news and other noteworthy stuff. Also somewhat a personal blog space for HPT/multi-author blog type thingy.

This doc is just some ways to post info so people get on the same page.


Setting up the site

Hosting: Omo prefer WordPress due to familiarity. KomeP can host but so can Omo.

Kome has SakagamiP domain sooo but we can use something else too if that is too intense of a neta.

This will be a HPT blog and the site will be identified as such. Unless someone has a better idea we will call ourselves by HPT or w/e it stands for today.



Anyone who wants to participate can be an editor for the site. Editors should be classified by the amount of work they do:

Admins – HPTers who work on the technical parts of the site, and people who have the final say on stuff.

Editors – People who actively post to the site.

Contributors – Everyone else from HPT who would occasionally post something (team blog posts)

Members – Everyone else who cares to sign up for an account.

Signing up on the site may be invite only.

Membership or participating on the site means nothing to the HPT LINE chat. Because they are two different things.


What to post:

Anything goes as long as it’s appropriate and IM@S related.

For starters, just one news post a day with round up of info. If mood strikes we can also break up the news into individual posts, or post big news immediately, whichever. Or if we run behind we can do a round up on news. But easiest thing to get going is news.

Omo might also write other pointless things like analysis or HPT backlog roundup joke posts. Others are encouraged to write anything relevant and appropriate.

People can cross post concert reports or whatever. Or even reviews of goods etc. Anything goes really as long as it’s IM@S related.

If we get too many hands on posting news we can figure out a way to distribute the work and come up with a workflow.

Another thing we can use the site for is coordinate event promotion activities, like what we did for SSA flowers.

It’s also possible to keep this blog on the down low if we find posting news all the time to be mendou.