There have been some concerns regarding ticketing for the 10th live  as they’re currently using L-Tike instead of the usual e+ or Ticket Pia for lotteries, but fret not, we’ll help you figure things out. A few aspects of the ticketing were made easier, although they did make the ticket pickup method a little more annoying.

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Help Ps Go to 10th Anniversary With Your Unused Application Codes!


As recently posted the ticketing info for idolm@ster’s 10th anniversary live at Seibu Dome has been announced. If you are purchasing any of the qualifying CDs/BD, HPT is asking you for help by donating your unused application codes to us if you have no intent on attending 10th anniversary. For 9th anniversary last year I also asked Ps on Twitter and Facebook for their help with unused codes and it’s completely thanks to that that many overseas Ps including myself were able to go. This year I’d like to ask Ps again for their help but I wish to emphasize please only submit your serial codes to us if you are absolutely sure you will not attend 10th anniversary.

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Better Know a Producer #07: JT

7thwraith Business Card v5 (2)

Although completely by chance, it’s quite appropriate that #07 in our Better Know a Producer series is our very own 7thwraith aka JT and a P from the East Coast! You could say the origins of HPT were founded by my very own encounter with JT, which began as a simple twitter lodging request to a stranger for Anime North 2013. Since then he’s become a close friend but unfortunately as JT grew more as a P over the years so did the number of his waifus and today there’s unlikely to be a more famous DD (nipponese term for Daredemo Daisuki or “loves anyone”) than JT.  If you don’t believe me just wait until you read the visual novel he wrote down below.

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IM@S 10th Lottery Round 1 Info and Details

[This post will be updated as we find out more about the application when the page goes live next week.]

As posted last weekend, we now have the first information on how to obtain tickets for IM@S 10th. The first round of CD lottery allows people to submit codes obtained from the next 3 releases of the Master Artist 3 series, Live Theater Harmony volumes 9 and 10, and CG Animation Project 7. Each of these CDs, when purchased during the lottery period, should come with a code that you can  use to enter the lottery.

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Navigating Tokyo – Public Transit

Getting around Tokyo can be one of the biggest challenges if you’re not accustomed to it. When I first arrived in Japan it took me a month or so to actually get the hang of trains and then another year to actually learn the quirks about my stations. Maps are helpful, but for people not used to using trains, the sight of the Tokyo Metro, JR, and Keio maps can be daunting. And how do those companies relate anyway? In this post, I hope to answer some of these questions and speed up that first month of trial and error.

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