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Producer Meeting flower stands!

I took some photos (and a video) of the flower stands of the Producer Meeting. You can check them out here. Meanwhile someĀ of the cast members also posted photos of flowers on their blogs!

Once again, thank you all who have contributed to the flower stand! Special shoutout to our illustrator, @ilhi12! Meanwhile, we’re setting plans for Million Live 4th as well, please check it out!

Producer Meeting Flowers from HPT


Hello fellow producers:

As you may know, the IDOLM@STER Producer Meeting 2017 will be the second 765Pro Allstar live where the main cast are all present. Some of us are planning to attend the two-day event, and some of us are unable to.

Either way, we are planning to send a flower stand to the venue of Producer Meeting at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. In order to do so we would like to collect money from everyone who are interested in helping us to do so. We ask this time that you provide a donation of $20 USD and in exchange we will record your name on the flower stand as a token of your (and our) good will to the notable event.

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