Million Live 6th SSA Flower Stand!

We are putting together a flower stand! Please join us and send your congrats and well-wishes to Saitama Super Arena for the Million Stars 6th tour September stop!

Like prior times, we will collect your donations (recommended $10 but any amount is fine) and please put your name down with the country you want to represent in the form below. This will help us make a nice looking plaque for the flower stand to show that there are a lot of producers from all over the world! The form will close in early September, and has more info if you are interested.

If you have any questions please ping me on twitter or elsewhere. For general questions about such projects please check the blog for flower posts from the past.

Million 5th Flower Stand Buttons

We had a bit of extra donation from Million 5th flower stand project. In the past we tend to roll extras into other things such as printing books for messages or what not, but not this time. I decided to make some buttons using the Million Live Theater Days 1st anniversary logo provided by Bamco for their Mercari tie-in. If you are coming to Million 5th at SSA or will see me in the near future, please feel free to ask me for one of these.

If you want me to mail you one for whatever the reason, it is possible to do so but I prefer not having to do that. Find me at AX or something? Or get a friend who can bring it to you. I attend quite a few cons in North America every year. At any rate, you can contact me and maybe we can work something out.

I’m trying to contact all the donors to the flower stand but feel free to spread the word, it’s hard sending mass DMs…

Flower Stand for Million Live 5th Anniversary Live

Hello Producers! We are planning to send a flower stand to IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE 5th Anniversary at Saitama Super Arena this June! If you are interested to help fund the flower, please fill out the form here.

We plan to close the contribution and name changes by start of May. Also please note that we have a few artists working on this stand so please look forward to it! As usual feel free to ping @omonomono on twitter if you have any questions.

Happy Birthday HPT ~

Wow, can you believe it , Houkago P Time is already 4 years old.

This essentially means that the iM@S Stickers for LINE got released 4 years ago. hmm.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, I made a  little montage of some of what HPT’s been up to last year.

here, have a look: