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A Guide to Surviving Nico Nico Choukaigi From Your Computer


It’s April which means it’s almost Nico Nico Choukaigi!  What is Nico Nico Choukaigi? Think of it as Tokyo Game Show or Anime Contents Expo but all revolving around Nico Nico Douga meaning it’s also broadcasted on NND itself. If you’re interested in the event itself be sure to check out its official English page.

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IM@S Radio scratch pad – Cinderella Party! #21

derepa021_01 derepa021_02

Air Date: Wednesday, Mar. 4th 2015, 22:00 JST (Weekly)
Hosts: Hara Sayuri, Aoki Ruriko
Guests: Igarashi Hiromi

Synopsis: To match Anzu’s pace, the cast set up futons in the dark recording studio and are reading the script using penlights. Meshiya, Ruuri, and Yukinco hold a slumber party and talk about Star release event and LINE gossip.


  1. Riina no Twilight Channel: Chocolat Tiara – Mimura Kanako
  2.  Introduction
    • Party Theme: Sleepy Fairies Futon Party
      • Ruri: Yaaaawn
      • Meshiya: Ruri, you’re treating this like an actual sleeping party. Not being cute at all!
      • Teasing each other in bed.
  3. Shukuji
    • Star!! release greeting event:
      • Yukinco finds it hard to have a good talk with fans.
      • Ruuri give advice to fans: Even if you can’t think of anything to say, just smiling is OK. She got some stonefaced Ps. (Maybe they were just imitating TakeP!)
      • Yukinco complains that even though she’s one of the most veteran members, she rarely gets called to events: “Last year, I didn’t get invited to Anisama or Lisani!”
      • Meshiya/Ruuri joke about inviting her every week.
      • Yukinco: I’m always saying like Anzu that live events are a bother! But then I see photos of events I didn’t go to and think: that must be nice~
        Meshiya: You’re being such a tsundere!
        Ruuri: Oh yeah, you do always say that!
        Yukinco: I’m looking at your group photos on twitter, and suddenly get this extremely lonely feeling. Like I’m just a house-sitter.
    • LINE Stamps
      • Yukinco’s most used stamp is Mikunyan.
      • Ruuri: When those stamps got released, our Cinderella Girls LINE group exploded.
        Yukinco: “I don’t wanna work” stamp got instantly posted.
        Meshiya: As soon as it came out, my manager told me she bought them!
        Yukinco: Same. First stamp my manager sent me was “I don’t wanna work” and I was like “WHAT?”
      • They want stamps of their senpai idols like Kawashima-san and Koume. And Producer.
  4. Utahime Side C
    • 休日の歌 (Viva La Vida) – Futaba Anzu, Tada Riina, Honda Mio. Original artist: DELiGHTED MINT
    • OMG cute rap and Sayurin’s post-song DJ imitations are love <3
    • Don’t use penlights for this.
  5. Original Ending Aisatsu
    • Ichaicha time:derepa021_03Yukinco: Ruuri you smell good
      Ruuri: What, no way? Even though you’re in my armpit?
      Yukinco: Your shoulder, not your armpit!
    • Kioku Tadashiku Haradise Hara Sayuri
    • Party Ruuri Aoki Ruriko
    • 346 no Rapper Igarashi Hiromi deshita-YO (echo)
  6. Mio no Mitsuboshi Idol Profile: Narumiya Yume (Idol #119)
    • Mio and Anzu fight over who has to do the idol profile intro.


Next week’s guest is Kurosawa Tomoyo

Week after next’s guest is Yoshimura Haruka


  • Listener quotes Yukinco on another radio where she wants to invite Meshiya to her house.
  • Yukinco: Well it’ll be pretty awkward if she rejects now.
  • Meshiya forced to pick between Zuttomo or Yukinco
  • Yukinco says she’s jealous of zuttomo since she doesn’t have any really good friends
  • Zuttomo’s true etymology revealed. It doesn’t mean Zutto Tomodachi! Subscribe to the channel for the reveal.


CINDERELLINE – Nickname for Cinderella Girls’ private LINE group.


THE IDOLM@STER STATION!!!~Zenzen Aitakatta~


Last week, on March 1st, through two miraculous strokes of lottery luck, I and fellow HPT’er Omo were lucky enough to attend THE IDOLM@STER STATION!! ~Zenzen aitakatta~ public recording at Kawasaki Club CITTA.

This event marked the first time the Aisute radio series (including past incarnations) has held a public recording event, and the 2nd time for an Aisute live event (see the amazing HEART AND SOUL event in 2012).

Since I neglected to write-up C3HK in any formal way, I figured I should at least do one here. Everything described below is pretty much dumped from my memory, so apologies in advance if there are any mistakes.

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IM@S Radio Scratch Pad: デレラジA #7

As told in Basu’s RADIOM@STER roundup post, Dereraji is one of the core radio shows revolving around CG these days.

Air Date: Monday, Feb. 23rd 2015, 21:30 JST (Weekly)
Hosts: Fukuhara Ayaka, Yoshimura Haruka, Ohashi Ayaka
Guests: Hara Sayuri

Sypnopsis: I don’t typically cover Dereraji series due to various reasons, but  major developments to Mio’s character in the anime led to Mio’s voice actor Hara Sayuri a.k.a Meshiya coming on to the show to talk a little about the latest episode so I wanted to share an excerpt from their chat

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One of the many ways used by the massive media mix franchise that is The iDOLM@STER to announce news is through the use of radio shows with the voice actresses as their personalities. Started with the iDOLM@STER Radio with Imai Asami and Takahashi Chiaki as the personalities in the year 2006, the radio side of this behemoth hasn’t stopped growing. With 5 weekly radios covering the three different franchises (765 Pro, Cinderella Girls & Million Live) and a monthly radio focusing on the crane game and Ichiban Kuji, following the radios is a great way to get up to date with The iDOLM@STER.

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