10th Teespring Is Back

To show a sense of unity and to have a little fun, we have made T-shirts to celebrate various IM@S lives in the past, and our 10th tee was the best ever, I think. Due to popular demand and because Producer Meeting is coming up, we are bringing back the iconic beer mug top for the next ~3 weeks. You can purchase a shirt here. Just note that this is a simplified version of the original, without the back (and a few dollars cheaper).

Thanks Momotato

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Yamamoto Nozomi’s 「Answer」

This is a translation of Yamamoto Nozomi’s blog post after the Cinderella Girls 4th live. A friend who went was telling me about how Nojo was spamming her burst appeals during the live, and this post actually explained why she did that.
Special thanks to PuchiTL’s friend Meiru for the editing help!

(Check Nojo’s blog for actual pictures)

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THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 4thLIVE TriCastle Story: 346 Castle Announcement

Today marks the final venue of the 4th Cinderella Girls live, and Takagaki Kaede’s Hayami Saori and Kawashima Mizuki’s Touyama Nao made a special appearance!

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THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 4thLIVE TriCastle Story: Brand New Castle Announcement

omote4CFirst up, お疲れ様でした! to all the cast, staff and producers who attended the live. Congratulations to both Koshimizu Sachiko’s Taketatsu Ayana and Ichihara Nina’s Kuno Misaki for finally appearing in a live! As usual, check out the announcements after the break.

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Recapping Idolm@ster Seiyuu Solo Debuts


It’s becoming more and more common today for seiyuu to venture into the world of solo musical careers not unlike that of traditional idols. In the past year there have been an incredible amount of seiyuu who have announced their own solo debuts and unsurprisingly many of them are also idolm@ster seiyuu. These solo careers aren’t technically related to idolm@ster but are still often supported by the established fans from the idolm@ster fanbase. Since we’re all DDs (daredemo daisuki “I like anyone”) here anyway I wanted to take a minute to list the recent im@s seiyuu who have debuted recently. I’ve been a supporter and fan of Mingosu and Eriko’s solo music the past few years myself and have found it to be a truly rewarding experience watching them perform both in and outside of idolm@ster. With so many young and cute seiyuu getting solo debuts lately it no longer really surprises me whenever another solo debut is announced anymore but I still get excited and can’t wait to see what’ll be in store for them in the upcoming future. So if you’re a fan of young and cute girls, bad news but prepare those wallets now. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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How to apply for ML4th


Hi everyone. This might be your first time to apply to an overseas event and need help to go through the application for Million Live 4th.


You may have bought a CD or 30 of MillionLive Theater Activities 01 but it will all be the same on how to apply through eplus. You could use your serial code from your CD up to 3 times, which means you can use the same code three times. You can enter the website on your serial code slip onto your browser or just click here. Just note that each time you enter the code you have to go from this URL, and not the one in the browser.

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Aoki Shiki’s Key to the New World

(source: Aoki Shiki’s twitter account @eerie_eery)

Before becoming a voice actress, Aoki Shiki was already known for her exploits as an avid MMO and MOBA gamer. But starting this year, she has joined the ranks of iM@S voice actresses as the voice of Ninomiya Asuka, the 14-year-old edgelord (❤) hailing from the crazy bunch known as Cinderella Girls.

In her own column on the website MANTANWEB, Aoki Shiki (also known as ‘Maou’) talks about how she became a voice actress and what led to her taking on the role of Ninomiya Asuka.

Enjoy the translation!

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