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Yamamoto Nozomi’s 「Answer」

This is a translation of Yamamoto Nozomi’s blog post after the Cinderella Girls 4th live. A friend who went was telling me about how Nojo was spamming her burst appeals during the live, and this post actually explained why she did that.
Special thanks to PuchiTL’s friend Meiru for the editing help!

(Check Nojo’s blog for actual pictures)

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Guide: How to attend CG 4th from Overseas


As per some people’s requests let’s have a quick post to consolidate the data for attending CG4th. I’m assuming if you are reading this post, you are interested in going to Cinderella Girls 4th in Kobe or Saitama Super Arena this Autumn, and want to know what you need to do to get yourself there.


CG4th is made up of two stops, Kobe World Hall in Sept (9/3, 9/4) and Saitama Super Arena in Oct. (10/14, 10/15). Kobe is about a short plane ride west of Tokyo, past Osaka; and SSA is just north of Tokyo near Omiya.

See the official site for details.


As with most of these hype concerts, the hardest part is getting the tickets. It’s expected that more people are wanting to attend than there are available seats, so there is a lottery process.

Round 1: CD lottery. This is now over.

Round 2: Web lottery. This is currently ongoing until July 18th JST. To apply, you will need to create an eplus account. It’s a free lottery, but note that eplus does not accept foreign credit cards, so you will need someone local to help you pay for the ticket between 7/23-28. You can apply to all 5 types of tickets (Kobe day 1, 2; SSA day 1, 2, 2-day) up to 2 tickets per application, per account.

General sale hasn’t been announced yet but there will be one probably a few weeks before Kobe, or early to mid-August.

Ticket proxies and auctions also are always an option in case you need extra help either working with eplus or 3rd parties.


You can preorder a lot of the live goods now, but it’s via Lalabit Market, which means they do not ship overseas. They do take credit cards from oversea, so you can mail forward or use a proxy to get your stuff. As usual, goods generally ship 2-3 weeks before the live, so please make sure you ship to the right address.

It’s expected that goods will go on pre-sale as well at the venue on Friday before the live, in addition to the same days of the live. However this is not confirmed and obviously not announced yet.

It is also expected additional goods will be announced between now and up to the week before the live, for both Kobe and SSA.

Stay & Travel

You should consult the various websites that talks about traveling in Japan. We can’t help too much for lodging and the like, but SSA is fairly accessible from the Tokyo Metro area, so where you stay won’t be a huge problem.  Kobe is a fairly populated hub, and the venue is still served by mass transit, so use common sense and you’ll be fine. Remember you can travel between Kobe and major transit hubs by train, plane, or even bus (overnight).

Eventernote is a good site to check what other lives are happening during your stay in Japan. It’s like MAL for concerts and events.

In general late August/early September is beyond the peak travel season so you should be able to get a good flight deal from the west. Even more so for the October time slot.

Search HPT.moe for more related articles.

For SSA, most people will probably take the Keihin Tohoku line up to Saitama Shintoshin station, but you might find many Producers who drive or bike to the venue as well.

Call practice

The best way to practice calls is to watch a live. CG 2nd is on Blu-ray for some time now, but CG 3rd is also coming soon (late August). Try preorder that (good luck as it’s sold out in most stores).

As usual, check the online call guide or see more details here.


4th_logo_fix-01_edited-2-768x725At the end of the Tulip niconama, performers and ticketing details for the upcoming Cinderella Girls 4th Live: TriCastle Story was announced. As the title indicate, there will be three different stories, one for both days of the Kobe World Memorial Hall live, one for the first day of the Saitama Super Arena live and the last one for the second day of SSA.

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