HPTalk Episode 18 – Pre-CG4th Chat


[Insert Kill Bill clapping here]

The latest HPTalk is up! Kuro and the gang chat in an AirBnB about their eventing in Japan! It’s another long one that might put a smile on your face……I hope.

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Kuro, AlteredP, JT, Rico, Khelpa
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Random eventer talk
    • Amamiya Sora first solo live
    • Itou Miku birthday events
    • Various general eventing
  • Current & upcoming events (as of 10/12/2016)
  • Pre-CG4th chat
  • Wrap-up

It took a long time for this episode too, but I hope the wait didn’t kill anybody. Funny enough this episode was produced entirely in Asia except the post-processing and uploading!

Five guys in a cramped apartment in Tokyo and this is what happens. /golfclap. I hope you will enjoy these 70 minutes of eventer REAL talk.

As usual, please send us your questions and comments, or any topic or seiyuu or IM@S things you want us to talk about! Like, we literally have no mail LOL.

Houkagotsu! Next up should be CG4th talk, so please look forward to that~

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