4th_logo_fix-01_edited-2-768x725At the end of the Tulip niconama, performers and ticketing details for the upcoming Cinderella Girls 4th Live: TriCastle Story was announced. As the title indicate, there will be three different stories, one for both days of the Kobe World Memorial Hall live, one for the first day of the Saitama Super Arena live and the last one for the second day of SSA.

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Better Know a Producer #21 : MatchaP


Two of these posts in a row?! Don’t worry we’ll be slowing content to normal soon enough. Today we have MatchaP, an American born Chihaya P who currently resides in glorious nippon. Matcha is a great example of how chance encounters can lead to lasting friendships; Matcha himself having been picked up by HPT at a Mingosu live concert when they noticed that he wasn’t Japanese (that’s how desperate we are to make friends). Matcha’s like a big brother to me, and I slept on his couch when I was in Japan for Nakamuland. When you think of Matcha it’s simultaneous with Uesaka Sumire aka Sumipe, and he himself is probably recognized by Sumipe by now with all the eventing he’s done. спасибо!

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Better Know a Producer #20: ToastCrust


This series is still alive! It is! I’ve actually known Toast since before I was very deep into idolm@ster, in fact I likely wasn’t aware he was also a fan back then. It’s actually also thanks to him that I bought all of the G4U editions of the idolm@ster anime BDs back in 2012, since I saw him buy one of the volumes on Twitter. I then figured, hey I can do that too right? RIP $1000+

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Recently, a Korean live action drama adaptation of The iDOLM@STER was announced. Although it shares its name with the series, it is described as having completely new characters and an original story, with only the main theme of The iDOLM@STER tying it back to the original. Auditions were accepted from girls all over the world, as long as they were able to speak Korean.

For more information on the project, check out the press release on the official site.

The first round of auditions has ended, and 37 girls were selected for the next round, which involves voting by the fans. On may 14th, the top 20 from the fan voting process will be selected to work on the project. After this audition, there will be intense training six days a week until September, when filming will begin. The show is expected to air in early 2017. Vote for your favourites by liking their audition videos on the official YouTube channel and their pictures on the official Instagram account.

You should check out every girl’s auditions on your own, but here are a few that stand out and are currently in the top 5 in terms of popularity.

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