HPTalk Episode 15

Back to the basics.

Kiyono Yasuno

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Chuck & Kuro
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current events (as of 5/19/2016)
  • Shukuji
  • Seiyuu Crosstalk: Tadokoro Azusa
  • Ending (53:24)

IM@S KR Round 1 results
10th PV #4
PlaStar PV #2
Anisong Ichiban footage

This time, Kuro and Chuck talk about some of the latest news, some viewer mail, and why Koroazu asked for white instead of red during 10th MC. Correction: it’s because Azumin asked for it. For more news coverage, just look at our past posts.

Thank you for your mail! We really appreciate them. Please send more awkward questions about why HPT is gay, or not, because I think that’s going to get old quick at this rate. Really, just ask us anything.

OH WE ARE LIVE STREAMING IN CANADA o/ Please see @houkagoPtime for details. It’ll be Thursday night Eastern time but we’ll let you know the exact time soon.

Also I apologize for calling out certain someone because we should not have, so we’ll do better next time.

See you in Canada!

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