Congratulations Akky!

Miki Wedding 02

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now but if you haven’t, Hasegawa Akiko aka Akky has just announced her pregnancy! So a gigantic full of onigiri happy birthday and congratulations to Akky! While she won’t be able to participate in upcoming work-related events, this is of course a wonderful announcement and we hope for Akky and her family to be blessed with a happy future. We love you Mikimiki! Onigiriha nano-!

A Guide to Surviving Nico Nico Choukaigi From Your Computer


It’s April which means it’s almost Nico Nico Choukaigi!  What is Nico Nico Choukaigi? Think of it as Tokyo Game Show or Anime Contents Expo but all revolving around Nico Nico Douga meaning it’s also broadcasted on NND itself. If you’re interested in the event itself be sure to check out its official English page.

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THE IDOLM@STER: M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD 2015: Song, Color, and Cyalume Cheat Sheet


With the recent announcement revealing which performers will be appearing at which dates, it would probably be to your benefit to familiarize  or re-familiarize yourself with relevant songs and relevant colors. This way, you know what color cyalume to whip out at any given song…or at least have a good general idea. Now, songs in this cheat sheet are by no means guaranteed to make an appearance.

Anyway, the cheat sheet is here. We’ll be updating it as necessary.

Regarding the 10th Live (From Dire1)

This post is a translation of 【アイマス10thLIVE】について(ディレ1より) 

Producers all over the country, it’s been a while.
I’m the general iDOLM@STER Producer Ishihara, AKA Dire1.
We announced the details for THE IDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!!2015″ today, and we’re going with “celebration” as a theme this time around.
This time we want to try and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iDOLM@STER with everyone alongside the idols on stage.
In day 1, we want to celebrate with 765 Pro who is welcoming their 10th anniversary alongside the support members and all the producers in the venue.
In day 2, we want to celebrate The iDOLM@STER with 765 Pro members, Cinderella Girls members, Million Live members and of course all the producers in the venue.

To all those producers who started in the arcade, to those who started with the console games, to those who started with the anime, and to those who started with CDs, events, figures and everything else…

We’re counting on your support to welcome this hot summer and have a blast with The iDOLM@STER


Continuing the previous article, we’ll cover more of the girls who will be appearing in ENJOY H@RMONY. A while back, during the Million Radio anniversary, Dire-1 (Ishihara Akihiro) said that they went all out again with the live this time, and so people can expect different setlist for each day.

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