Better Know a Producer #12: ShinP

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An update? An update! Today’s interviewed P in the Better Know a P series is Shin the Yayoi P who perhaps needs little introduction to anibloggers and/or lolicons around the world of the internet. It’s a bit hard to describe Shin due to his internet repertoire and personality but behind the shitposting tweeter that he’s known to be is someone I’ve known to exhibit unexpected sophistication and reason and generosity. There are times I still don’t believe the person I met in real life was really Shin, but the one memory of him I will share with you involves a 1000 yen dollar being shoved into his pants when I first met him. (^◇^;)

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Asapon’s blog posts on Canada

We have previously translated Asapon’s blog post about Anime North. She has since published three other posts about her time in Canada on her blog and we thought it would be of interest to those who went to AN this year (or even just those simply interested by what she has to say but to do read Japanese) to post these up here as well. Please visit the blog for the photos accompanying each post.

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10th Theme Song and Pre-live Goods Sales Announced!



10th Anniversary’s theme song “Ai MUST GO” has been officially uploaded as a preview. It will also be available on iTunes on 6/19 for 250 yen. Needless to say if you’re going to 10th you’ll wanna familiarize yourself with it.


On-site pre-live goods sale (aka buppan) has also been announced for Friday 7/17, 10:00~19:00.  The location will be the Seibu Prince Dome C parking lot.

Leave a Message for 10th!

[Update: Messages input will close by 6/22/2015!!]

As mentioned in this post, we are collecting messages from Producers well-wishing the cast and staff of IM@S for 10th Anniversary Live. You can now enter it below. The messages will be compiled into a booklet and we’ll print them out, bring it to Japan, and put it in the gift boxes for the all staff and cast. If you leave a message in English, we will even translate it into Japanese for you.

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HPT 10th Live Status Check: Early June

A lot is going on as Spring switches into Summer. A lot of events both local and abroad are happening and it’s hard to get everything lined up on the blog. I hope you are able to get all the info on your own the past month.

I’ll try to highlight all the notable items between now and IM@S 10th so you guys are on the same page as us. Can you believe we’re just 40 days away?

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Preparing for a live – Calls and Callbooks


As we’ve pointed out in this blog many times before, a large part of enjoying an idolm@ster live is participating with the rest of the audience in what we refer to as “calls.” If you’ve watched the Idolm@ster or the Cinderella Girls anime, you’ve seen the audience do these during the live portions. It’s usually entirely fan-made and really energizes the crowd during the show. Here we’ll lay down the basics of the calls, where to get resources to learn them, and how to read those resources.

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10th Live News Update!

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There was quite a bit of information about 10th anniversary detailed in today’s Master Artist 3 nico broadcast so here is the summary:

  • General ippan sales starting 6/13. Outside seating added.
  • Be prepared for im@s songs from the very beginning. Every im@s song could possibly be played.
  • First day will be 765pro focused, songs from arcademas era will definitely appear.
  • The final song will be an original 10th anniversary theme song titled “AI MUST GO”. Will also be added to itunes in June.
  • The live won’t pass 9pm.
  • There will be a special train set up for 10th.
  • Azumin is azutoi.