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Are you done with 10th Live prep? Got your tickets? Hotel booked? Signed up for the offkai you want to go to? Even got your lights? Is it time to kick back and relax?

Almost. I have a hard time coming up with a better use of 18 minutes than to watch this video, if you haven’t before. It’s an IM@S retrospective, but it will get you in the mood for 10th!

If you are all ready to roll for IM@S 10th, it’s time to listen and prep for the songs. Watching/listening to Mogra’s Utahime Bakuen, which is an annual, IM@S-only rave at the legendary Akiba club, is a pretty hands-free way to prepare for it, covering songs from Arcadem@s all the way to more ML and CG songs than you can even care for. And there’s few better ways to take you down music memory lane of Producer history than some of these long time DJs who’s been there and done that.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

PS. Producers, ready your wallet. HPT’s fan efforts has started for the flower stands and various other things! T-shirts! Leaving messages again for the staff and cast! Get ready because it’ll be a fast and furious thing with just 39 days to go!

Once we’re good on the details for sharing with you all, we will open it up for public sign-ups!

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