HPT 10th Anniversary Live Crowdfunding Drive

I hope your wallet is ready.

Before HPT was all organized in early 2014, some of us pulled together some pocket lint and a lot of trial and error and organized some neat tricks for M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD 2014. We’re now doing the same thing for M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD 2015 but with a lot more help… And we still want yours!


We also wanted it to be not just a solicitation for donations, and wanted to do something fun. One part of that is participating the flower stands as oversea producers ought to exert themselves and add to the festive feel at these big lives. Everyone there knows oversea Producers exist, but now they make themselves known. We are among them.

Another part of it is to rep your favorite performers. IM@S is big and sprawling with casts and staff. Do you like Kugyuu? Do you like AkabaneP? Most likely whoever it may be,10th Live provides an opportunity to rep them.

It’s also common and customary for fans to send letters¬†to their idols at events like this, so we’ll be participating via a message book where we will collect and translate well-wishes from all of you.

All of this takes money, and we’ll be footing the bill. To help out, we are also asking you to partner in it if you are interested. In addition, you can always buy one of these designer T-shirts from Teespring, designed by a¬†fellow producer.

That said, it’s not all ready for public consumption yet! What you can do right now is:

1. Consider buying one of these fine T-shirts. Because we are already barely a month away from 10th, the Teespring campaign will end in 7 days so everyone can get their shirts on time, before we head out to Japan. That gives you 7 days to get the shirts, which is basically no time at all!

2. Write a message for 10th Anniversary. We will be giving these aforementioned booklets to all the cast and staff, so it will be for all of them. We are also asking you to keep it short, and you’ll have one shot at submitting it to us so we can translate it. Your best bet is start to think about what to write, now, and draft up a few sentences (< 100 words). Once we are ready, we’ll set up a form where you can put in your note and give you a chance to donate, if you are interested.

Lastly, while we’ll quickly follow up with more ways to participate in this crowdfunding festival, you can also directly participate in some flower stand projects, such as a dedicated flower stand for Kugyuu, Mocho, Stefuji, Ueshama, Tenchan, Yuiton and Yukinco, each. Just putting the word out there for now so you can ready your funds, when we start to open up these flowers.

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