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[Update: Messages input will close by 6/22/2015!!]

As mentioned in this post, we are collecting messages from Producers well-wishing the cast and staff of IM@S for 10th Anniversary Live. You can now enter it below. The messages will be compiled into a booklet and we’ll print them out, bring it to Japan, and put it in the gift boxes for the all staff and cast. If you leave a message in English, we will even translate it into Japanese for you.

So far we’re trying to also get a commissioned illustration for the booklet. And you can even contribute artwork to this booklet too, in which case please contact me (in the comments below or on twitter) so we can coordinate it.

When I did this last year, I solicited your generous donation in exchange for a copy of the booklet. If you want a copy, feel free to tip at least $15US via the paypal donate button below. If you want me to ship it to you outside of the US, you might have to put in what you think is reasonable postage in addition, I’ll trust you on that… Or just wait until I quote you in a few months. In either case, if you want a copy of the book, please also note it in the Paypal donation notes section. If you just want to donate any amount and forgo the book, you can also do that too!

At some point we will share some pictures of the finalized booklet too, so you can see what it looks like. Again, this money goes to help cover the cost of printing and the cost of the flowers, which is getting more complicated by the minute… Well, I’ll make a post on it soon.

PS. Teespring has < 6 days left!

PPS. If you are already doing the message thing the manual way from HPT’s various google docs, don’t use this form on this page. Let’s avoid duplicates. Also, if you have donated more than $20 from other stuff we’re doing for 10th, you can also get a book. Just ping me and I’ll keep a tally on who wants one.

6 thoughts on “Leave a Message for 10th!”

  1. Hi Admin, may I know if it is too late for me to leave message now as the 10th live is next month?

        1. If you’re the guy who left a message only to Mingos, we might crop yours out and put it as an insert when we drop the book off for Mingos only. Seems a little more appropriate. FYI!!

  2. I already sent my message!! I left something in Spanish at the end, there’s no need to translate that! Thank you so much for all of this <3

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