10th Theme Song and Pre-live Goods Sales Announced!



10th Anniversary’s theme song “Ai MUST GO” has been officially uploaded as a preview. It will also be available on iTunes on 6/19 for 250 yen. Needless to say if you’re going to 10th you’ll wanna familiarize yourself with it.


On-site pre-live goods sale (aka buppan) has also been announced for Friday 7/17, 10:00~19:00.  The location will be the Seibu Prince Dome C parking lot.


3 thoughts on “10th Theme Song and Pre-live Goods Sales Announced!”

  1. I just found out about this event and am super interested. Unfortunately I won’t be in Japan until the end of this month. Can tickets be purchased from the Loppi machines? How quickly do they generally sell out?

    1. Uh… about that… Ticket lotteries started back in March, and ended in mid-May. 2nd round lotteries ended at the end of May, and general sales opened today. Tickets are already sold out. You’ll need to try and find tickets from someone with spares, I’m afraid.

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