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[Opinion] SideM Anime & Million Live, ~Once More, with Feelings~

This is a repost of my original blog post here, with some edits. Just note that the views expressed here are my own and are not a view shared by everyone and I don’t speak for HPT here.

TL;DR: Here I quote tablody-matome blog Yaraon for the proper verbiage: アイマスサイドMが先にアニメ化され、ツイッターのミリマスP達、精神を病み始める: When SideM anime gets announced first, Million Live Ps go into nervous breakdown.

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Happy New Year HPT


2015 was a very eventful year.
But not just for iM@S, also for HPT as a group.
We celebrated our first birthday by creating this blog.
We organized a pretty badass offkai at Anime North
We helped organized Kaigais aventures at 10th
We also even launched a Radio/podcast because why not.

I think that we can only top ourselves in 2016. Our wallets may take a toll, but the flames of our passion will never weaver.

And so, to send off 2015 properly, here are some messages from our members;

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Some updates, 4/1

We’re still in the process to figure out the best way to collectively apply for the 10th Live ticket. The iteration of l-tike system that is being used is particularly picky about certain things, and if you can figure out how to register different codes using the same credit card, please drop us a note on how. Meanwhile we’ll continue to work on the planning around this curveball Bamco threw at us.

If you are trooper enough to roll your own, this guide should help. The takeaway really is, don’t worry. You’ll be able to go. It might take a while to nail down a ticket but you’ll get it done!

Some random notes while I’m here.

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Introducing @HoukagoPTime, Anniversary

Follow @HoukagoPTime for updates from this site and much more. I hope you like cartoon idols!

The main Houkago P Time chat has reached its first anniversary on 2/19. That is a meaningless number in light of the lives it touched and the fact that the core group formed over the years well before 2014. But at any rate, we are as hyped about the 10th Anniversary as you are, and today is as good as any day to get things rolling!

PS. Happy Birthday Kaachan! Yuucha!

HPT Logo Submission

We need a logo!

Design your submission, upload it to a hosting service, and submit using this Google form.


  • Should look good in grayscale and color
  • Should be square-ish for ease of use in headers and on namecards

Submissions are open until March 1st, 2015 and voting will be from March 1st to March 8th.