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IM@S Radio scratch pad – Cinderella Party! #21

derepa021_01 derepa021_02

Air Date: Wednesday, Mar. 4th 2015, 22:00 JST (Weekly)
Hosts: Hara Sayuri, Aoki Ruriko
Guests: Igarashi Hiromi

Synopsis: To match Anzu’s pace, the cast set up futons in the dark recording studio and are reading the script using penlights. Meshiya, Ruuri, and Yukinco hold a slumber party and talk about Star release event and LINE gossip.


  1. Riina no Twilight Channel: Chocolat Tiara – Mimura Kanako
  2.  Introduction
    • Party Theme: Sleepy Fairies Futon Party
      • Ruri: Yaaaawn
      • Meshiya: Ruri, you’re treating this like an actual sleeping party. Not being cute at all!
      • Teasing each other in bed.
  3. Shukuji
    • Star!! release greeting event:
      • Yukinco finds it hard to have a good talk with fans.
      • Ruuri give advice to fans: Even if you can’t think of anything to say, just smiling is OK. She got some stonefaced Ps. (Maybe they were just imitating TakeP!)
      • Yukinco complains that even though she’s one of the most veteran members, she rarely gets called to events: “Last year, I didn’t get invited to Anisama or Lisani!”
      • Meshiya/Ruuri joke about inviting her every week.
      • Yukinco: I’m always saying like Anzu that live events are a bother! But then I see photos of events I didn’t go to and think: that must be nice~
        Meshiya: You’re being such a tsundere!
        Ruuri: Oh yeah, you do always say that!
        Yukinco: I’m looking at your group photos on twitter, and suddenly get this extremely lonely feeling. Like I’m just a house-sitter.
    • LINE Stamps
      • Yukinco’s most used stamp is Mikunyan.
      • Ruuri: When those stamps got released, our Cinderella Girls LINE group exploded.
        Yukinco: “I don’t wanna work” stamp got instantly posted.
        Meshiya: As soon as it came out, my manager told me she bought them!
        Yukinco: Same. First stamp my manager sent me was “I don’t wanna work” and I was like “WHAT?”
      • They want stamps of their senpai idols like Kawashima-san and Koume. And Producer.
  4. Utahime Side C
    • 休日の歌 (Viva La Vida) – Futaba Anzu, Tada Riina, Honda Mio. Original artist: DELiGHTED MINT
    • OMG cute rap and Sayurin’s post-song DJ imitations are love <3
    • Don’t use penlights for this.
  5. Original Ending Aisatsu
    • Ichaicha time:derepa021_03Yukinco: Ruuri you smell good
      Ruuri: What, no way? Even though you’re in my armpit?
      Yukinco: Your shoulder, not your armpit!
    • Kioku Tadashiku Haradise Hara Sayuri
    • Party Ruuri Aoki Ruriko
    • 346 no Rapper Igarashi Hiromi deshita-YO (echo)
  6. Mio no Mitsuboshi Idol Profile: Narumiya Yume (Idol #119)
    • Mio and Anzu fight over who has to do the idol profile intro.


Next week’s guest is Kurosawa Tomoyo

Week after next’s guest is Yoshimura Haruka


  • Listener quotes Yukinco on another radio where she wants to invite Meshiya to her house.
  • Yukinco: Well it’ll be pretty awkward if she rejects now.
  • Meshiya forced to pick between Zuttomo or Yukinco
  • Yukinco says she’s jealous of zuttomo since she doesn’t have any really good friends
  • Zuttomo’s true etymology revealed. It doesn’t mean Zutto Tomodachi! Subscribe to the channel for the reveal.


CINDERELLINE – Nickname for Cinderella Girls’ private LINE group.



One of the many ways used by the massive media mix franchise that is The iDOLM@STER to announce news is through the use of radio shows with the voice actresses as their personalities. Started with the iDOLM@STER Radio with Imai Asami and Takahashi Chiaki as the personalities in the year 2006, the radio side of this behemoth hasn’t stopped growing. With 5 weekly radios covering the three different franchises (765 Pro, Cinderella Girls & Million Live) and a monthly radio focusing on the crane game and Ichiban Kuji, following the radios is a great way to get up to date with The iDOLM@STER.

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