IM@S Radio scratch pad – Cinderella Party! #20

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Air Date: Wednesday, Feb. 18th 2015, 22:00 JST (Weekly)
Hosts: Hara Sayuri, Aoki Ruriko
Guests: Matsuzaki Rei

Synopsis: Baseball chat. Reichama complains about not being invited to Hong Kong.


  1. Riina no Twilight Channel: Marshmallow☆Kiss – Moroboshi Kirari
  2.  Introduction
    • Party Theme: Amai Ii Nioi Valentine Party (Atsui Shiai Balentien Party)
  3. Shukuji
    • C3 commentary: Ruuri was impressed overseas audience knew Onecin calls – especially impressed they knew “DASH, Shuuun, Happy Happy” calls during B-melo.
    • Making fun of Nojo for buying American goods.
    • Rei: “Why wasn’t I invited! Even though I’m from Hong Kong!”
    • Souvenirs:
      • Meshiya: Guylian Belgian chocolates (“I had $50 HKD left in the airport so I just picked the most expensive chocolate I can find”)
      • Ruuri: Godiva (Rei: “WHY WOULD YOU BUY GODIVA IN HONG KONG?”)
  4. Utahime Side C
    • Hug Shichao – Moroboshi Kirari, Tada Riina, Honda Mio. Original artist: Natsukawa Rimi
  5. Original Ending Aisatsu
    • Kioku Tadashiku Haradise Hara Sayuri
    • Paris Ruuri Aoki Ruriko
    • Tsubamedamashi Matsuzaki Rei (no echo)
  6. Mio no Mitsuboshi Idol Profile: Kusakabe Wakaba (Idol #59)


Next week is footage from Cinderella Real Party 01 A・Se・Ka・Ki

Igarashi Hiromi will guest on March 4


  • More Baseball chat. Rei talks about Wonfes and Ankira niconama.
  • Meshiya’s C3 accident.  She wakes up in a cold sweat at night over the shame.
  • Stuffing marshmallows into each other’s faces (literally Marshmallow Hoppe)


Meshiyagatte (飯屋がって) – To partake in a food offering from Hara Sayuri

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