News 2015/02/19

News on is super casual, so please don’t mind the format, frequency, or omissions here and there. In fact, help yourselves to the news sites out there in the Links page. All we’re doing is aggregating them in English, kinda.

– LTH 9 and 10 details released. First batch of previews on youtube.

– Next takubon of the IM@S Comic is due April and you can preview the cover.

PS. It’s just for the record, so I’m going to say it only once – there is an event schedule on the official IM@S site that lists all the time-sensitive events. By that I mean pre-recorded radio shows, which there are like 5 of them (IM@Studio, Aisute, Derepa, Dereraji, Miliraji), plus the Deremas anime this half of the year. On top of those are the special events that make eventers eventers. It’s all here. Bookmark this or whatever.

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