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Most Idolmaster fans are unable to get into Million Live or Cinderella Girls because the amount of idols added make it difficult to get to know them and the difficulty of accessing the mobile games overseas. There are guides online for that so I won’t be discussing that. I’m planning on writing a few posts on Million Live since it’s how I came to love and appreciate The Idolmaster series as a whole before only being a casual fan of the series because of the anime.

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It would only make sense to first introduce Million Live as a game and what exactly one should look at when playing. The Idolmaster Million Live is a mobile game on the Gree platform that consists of 37 new idols to the 765 Production group. The game also splits them into the Vocal, Visual, and Dance groups that is seen in The Idolmaster 2.

My Page
My Page (マイページ)

The game usually consists of the user helping their favorite idol reach 1 million fans hence the name. Their are various ways of getting fans for your idol which include Eigyou (営業), Gekijou (劇場), and Events (イベント).

Eigyou (営業) can be seen as Shigoto (仕事) version in the Idolmaster 2 game which the user would have to go through an area while finding new Normal cards and battling rival idols. This method is very long and painful which is not recommended to use other than adding to your stockpile of battle candies (BP) to prepare for upcoming events.

Eigyou (営業)

Gekijou (劇場) is the next method of gaining fans which is similar to Expeditions in Kantai Collection. The user is allowed a maximum of 3 units after unlocking them and sends out the units to jobs such as PR (PR活動), Auditions (オーディション), and Gekijou Kouen (劇場公演). Similar to KanColle, these jobs are on a timed basis which rewards the user with gacha points (ガチャpt), manny (マニー), kuji tickets (くじ), mini spark drinks (スパークドリンク), and mini battle candies (バトルキャンディ). There are daily (デイリー), weekly (ウィークリー), event (イベント), and limited (限定) missions that once completed reward the user based on the success of the unit. This method also rewards fans to the unit members and a great way to stock on items for events.

Gekijou (劇場) – Units tab (劇場ユニット)

The last and best way to gain fans is events (イベント) which have many types of events. This is were the user is expected to use their battle candies and spark drinks to compete for the ranked SR or finish the event for the completion SR. During the event, it is possible to earn many fans but at a cost.

Idolmaster Cup
Event (イベント) – IdolMaster’s Cup

The CDs were released in two different series the first being Live The@ter Performance which consisted of 13 CDs. The CDs were released every month which included 4-5 idols per release after the 1st CD being the Thank You! Single sung by the 765 Millionstars and 765 Production. Every CD to follow would have at least one of the original 13 idols along with 3-4 new Millionstar in the single which would include a group song, character songs, and drama tracks. If you understand Japanese, I would definitely recommend listening to the drama tracks to understand the personality of each of the new idol which allows the user to understand them more in the mobile game. It would also include a code which allowed users to receive a free SR of the idol of their choice. This meant that users would have to buy extra CDs or trade cards to be able to have all the cards added into their card album. The codes have an expiry date so the codes on these are not reedeemable at this point. The codes would also allow users to register into a lottery to attend an exclusive live which made buying extra CDs worth it. Ha!

The second series was known as Live Theater Harmony which has 10 CDs in the series which had a new unit made per CD. The CDs were released as a pair in a bimonthly basis which had 2 units working with each other through out the month in the mobile game event towards the Platinum Star Live. They would include a new character song for each member of the unit along with the unit song. As the previous release, the CDs would come with a redeemable code that would allow users to receive a SR card of the unit’s leader. The code also doubled as a registration code attend the exclusive live.

I’m hoping to create a guide to on the Million Live character and connect them to their respective seiyuu to help beginners get started on the Million Live franchise.

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