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カナダに住んでいる響Pだぜ、よろしゅう! アイドルマスタ (響) ・ シンデレラガールズ (Pa / Cu) ・ミリオンライブ (Vi) ・ 艦これ ・ 等 日本語 / English / Français

Asapon’s blog posts on Canada

We have previously translated Asapon’s blog post about Anime North. She has since published three other posts about her time in Canada on her blog and we thought it would be of interest to those who went to AN this year (or even just those simply interested by what she has to say but to do read Japanese) to post these up here as well. Please visit the blog for the photos accompanying each post.

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Preparing for a live – Calls and Callbooks


As we’ve pointed out in this blog many times before, a large part of enjoying an idolm@ster live is participating with the rest of the audience in what we refer to as “calls.” If you’ve watched the Idolm@ster or the Cinderella Girls anime, you’ve seen the audience do these during the live portions. It’s usually entirely fan-made and really energizes the crowd during the show. Here we’ll lay down the basics of the calls, where to get resources to learn them, and how to read those resources.

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