Bought Platinum Master CDs? Please Send Us Your Unused Codes!



Time to beg all the people for codes again orz orz orz

Included with each copy of Platinum Master 02 (Bokutachi no Resistance) and Platinum Master 03 (Amaterasu) CD is a code for the ticket lottery to the Producer Meeting event in Japan next January. Similar to 9th and 10th, a few of us from HPT will be trying to attend so we’ll be asking once more for people who are absolutely not intending to go and have no use for their serial numbers to donate their codes to us (submission form will be below).

As you may know, the lottery method for obtaining tickets to events in Japan have become quite fierce in the past couple of years so every bit of help we can get is very significant to us and is much appreciated. Your codes from Platinum Stars have been really helpful and as you would expect, however, more people wanted to go than there were winning tickets. So here we are again…

As for projects, we’re still in the midst of coming up with ideas but there will most likely be at least one flower stand. If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the meantime. o/

Once again, please only submit your code to us if you absolutely have no other use for it and it would be wasted otherwise.  Thanks!


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