HPTalk Episode 19 – Post-CG4th & 1-Year Anniversary

Happy belated birthday HPTalk!

Kakkin Castle

(Only if this podcast made money…)

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Chuck, Kuro
Guests: Landro, ZeroBlade
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico


Cinderella girls is popular and their fourth anniversary live was a huge endeavor, spanning 4 days between Kobe and SSA. We tried to tackle it on the podcast to give you an idea how things are. Warning: it’s long.

It’s also our first anniversary and we decided to upgrade the background music a bit. Also sorry for any mistakes in the podcast, both informational and technical. Whoops. Next time we will write down the SideM CDs ahead of time…

As usual thank you for listening and please write in your comments, questions, usual banter, blackmail info, what have you, in the form below!


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