10th Teespring Is Back

To show a sense of unity and to have a little fun, we have made T-shirts to celebrate various IM@S lives in the past, and our 10th tee was the best ever, I think. Due to popular demand and because Producer Meeting is coming up, we are bringing back the iconic beer mug top for the next ~3 weeks. You can purchase a shirt here. Just note that this is a simplified version of the original, without the back (and a few dollars cheaper).

Thanks Momotato

This time we are also selling other random junk, such as a mug or a pullover. Why? Because Teespring makes it easy and there is some low demand for them.

We have secured a flower shop for P-Meet so the planning for that is under way. There might be some other projects for it, so stayed tuned!

PS. If you live somewhere where shipping is prohibitive and you will run into me either at Lisani TW or P-Meeting, I’m open to couriering your shirt instead of having it shipped. But in this case, you need to let me know before you purchase the goods and I have to approve it before you can ship it to me.

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