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Navigating Tokyo – Public Transit

Getting around Tokyo can be one of the biggest challenges if you’re not accustomed to it. When I first arrived in Japan it took me a month or so to actually get the hang of trains and then another year to actually learn the quirks about my stations. Maps are helpful, but for people not used to using trains, the sight of the Tokyo Metro, JR, and Keio maps can be daunting. And how do those companies relate anyway? In this post, I hope to answer some of these questions and speed up that first month of trial and error.

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Going to Japan for the first time : Basic Checklist

So the date has been set, the 10th anniversary live of The iDOLM@STER will be in July 2015, that’s a bit less than 6 months from now.

You have decided to go, you’ve read the basic live attendance etiquette, your heart is set, you will attend no matter what !

…Something is bugging you though, besides the fact that Japan is know to be extremly hot and humid during Summer. It’s something much simpler really, …you’ve actually never been to Japan before and you are wondering about that.

So here it is, a quick basic guide of what you’ll need to check before going there.

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