Taking News Easy: 2015-03-25

Kind of a round-up post.

Home Run Radio. Totally random and kind of old news, but Yuiton and Reichama are tapped for a seiyuu baseball radio show. It will start in a couple weeks and will run once a week on Cho A&G. I think that means you can listen to it on agqr.jp live but it will also be uploaded on Nico and Youtube after the fact. What’s more is this is a show sponsored by Amiami. I mean, it says right here LOL. It’s not IM@S related but…it also is kinda? Kind of like TrySail Harmony is not IM@S related but…it also is kinda? On that note…

Aisute: Zenzen Aitakkata. The live recording for Idolm@ster Station is now available for a limited time to watch¬†(for free). This is the same event that Paranda and Omo attended earlier in March, but just the first hour’s talk portion.

LTH 9 and 10 are out. The bloodbath for IM@S 10th ticketing has begun. LTH 9 and 10 are reportedly sold out briefly at various online retailers (ie., Amazon) but you can still get them if you got boots on the ground. Hopefully team HPT will come up with a master plan for this stuff. I don’t know. Let us know how it is for you.

Miscellaneous items. In case you are attending the tremendous-looking live event, all the goods for ML 2nd are now listed. We think. CG release events are bang~bang<3 with Love Laika and Rosenberg Engel on this weekend. And now we know who all the groups are, remember release number 7 also has 10th codes. Oh, next week’s CG trailer is right here.

IM@S at Chokaigi.¬†Lastly, next month’s Nico Chokaigi, which is the biggest “JP internets in a physical space” con, there will be a whole bunch of IM@s 10th anniversary-related events, on both days of the con. It should all be streamed (and mostly region-free), if past Chokaigi events were any indication, but those details are TBD. See more in this post. It’ll feature a pretty diverse cast between 765, 346, Million Stars, and if not present, news for 315? It doesn’t look like the US Army band will play again for Namassuka Revolution/Sunday this time though. See you 4/25 and 4/26 in the Nico comments.


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