The Million Live 3rd tour is starting at the end of this month, and this time around all 37 Millionstars will appear! Just like what Dire1 said in his interview, Million Live is designed to get people interested through the performers first before getting to know the characters, and to help do that, we’ll do an introduction to the performers appearing in each venue.



Name: Kido Ibuki (木戸衣吹)
Nickname: Kidochan (木戸ちゃん), Ibuchan(いぶちゃん),Ibuking (いぶきんぐ)
Birthdate: 14 November 1997
Hobbies/Skills: Cleaning her ears, Playing with her dog
Image Colour: Orange
Solo Songs: Original Koe ni Natte(オリジナル声になって), Omajinai (おまじない)
Other Work: every♥ing!, Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku (Andou Natsuki), Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (Claire Rouge),  OniAi (Himenokouji Akiko)

During her audition, Kido-chan had 20 seconds to appeal and she used that time to say Shuugo Chara’s Utau’s phrase and finished in 6 seconds. When she was younger, she would mimic a lot of Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella. Her first experience in recording for an anime was for Amagami SS+. She lives in the Horipro dorm in Tokyo.


Name: Yabuki Kana (矢吹可奈)
Age: 14
Birthdate: 18 August
Measurements: 77-54-76
Hobbies/Skills: Can sing about anything, chorus
A light saber wielding space fighter pilot vocal idol, despite being tone deaf, Kana loves singing despite knowing that she isn’t very good at it. She respects Chihaya and calls her the ‘diva of my heart’ In the drama track of Live The@ter Performance 08 her teammates complimented her on her performance, with Yayoi telling her that its her best one yet. Good friends with Shiho, they both appear to wish each other happy birthday on their birthdays. Got fat in the movie.



Name: Machico
Nickname:  Kochima (こちま)
Birthdate: 25 March 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Watching movies, driving cars (and tractors), janken
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs:  Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen (恋のLesson初級編) Believe my change!
Other Work: Colors (Cover Album), Colors II -RML- (Cover Album), Denpa Chouhoukyoku (電波諜報局) assistant

When she was recording For Fruits Basket for her album, she felt that the lyrics she sang resonated and synchronised with the anime that she cried and had to take some time to calm herself down. Machico enjoys western animation like disney movies, The Simpsons and Spongebob. The first artist she admired was BoA, and in middle school she failed her first recording audition.


Name: Ibuki Tsubasa (伊吹翼)
Age: 14
Birthdate: 30 July
Measurements: 85-52-82
Hobbies/Skills: Planning outings, janken

A visual idol who is probably related to Miyamoto Musashi, in the Gessan manga Tsubasa told Julia (whom she calls Juliano) that her dream is to become a top idol by working hard and dancing like Miki so that she can live without troubles and be popular. She respects Miki and calls her Miki-senpai, and just like Miki she’s very laid back. Her type of boy is someone who is kind enough to naturally cover her with an umbrella when it rains, can study, always takes her to dates on Sundays, a little cold but loves her the most.

Other Members


Name: Yamazaki Haruka山崎はるか
Nickname: Pyonkichi (ぴょん吉), Harunyan(はるにゃん)
Birthdate: 27 June 1991
Hobbies/Skills: Cooking, Karaoke,
Image Colour: Reddish Pink
Solo Songs: Suteki na Kiseki (素敵なキセキ), Mirai Hikou (未来飛行)
Other Work: Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (Kanzaki Tomoyo), Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Suirenji Ruka)

Hates water cause its tasteless and just goes through the throat, Pyonkichi is actually weak against scary games. Supposedly has at least 8 boxes of thinbooks stored. She loves disney, and talked about it in her radio a lot. During the Million Live 2nd live, she stayed backstage until the last minute so she can be the first one to greet and hug Mocho after she finished her Yume Iro Train performance. Possibly one of the loves of my life.


Name: Kasuga Mirai (春日未来)
Age: 14
Birthdate: 27 June
Measurements: 78-54-77
Hobbies/Skills: Collecting hair accessories, singing

A legendary hero vocal idol, Mirai is loud and energetic and a little dumb to the point where she answered the question of “Which era was Oda Nobunaga active in?” with “the past!”. She offered to help Serika with her homework (only to freeze in place because she didn’t understand it). In the Gessan manga she joined all kinds of clubs because she didn’t know what to do until Shizuka invited her to watch her theater performance.


Name: Fujii Yukiyo (藤井ゆきよ)
Nickname:  Stefuji (ステフジ)
Birthdate: 8 May 1985
Hobbies/Skills: Hanging out in cafes, stage lighting
Image Colour: Black
Solo Songs:  After School Party Time (アフタースクールパーリータイム), Frozen Word (フローズン・ワード)
Other Work:  Amagi Brilliant Park (Latifa Fleuranza), Log Horizon (Tetora), Patema Inverted (Patema)

A Mocho otaku who wants to be Mocho’s dressing mirror who wants to be a P during lives so she can watch Mocho perform. Before getting her part in Patema Inverted, Yukiyo had to go through 3 auditions that ended with a 1 on 1 audition with the Director where she was told about the story in more detail.


Name: Tokoro Megumi (所恵美)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 15 April
Measurements: 88-56-85
Hobbies/Skills: Karaoke, remembering people’s birthdays

Good friends with Kotoha and Elena, Megumi likes going to family restaurants with her friends. She cares about her friends, and In Live The@ter Performance 4 with Chihaya, Shiho and Kotoha where none of them are confident enough to be the MC for the live, Megumi made everyone join a Ou-sama Game to decide who gets to be the MC and purposefully made herself the MC so that the rest of them don’t have to do it. In the Gessan manga she had a sewing set ready on her person and helped Miya fix her ripped skirt.


Name: Aimi (愛美
Nickname: Aimin (あいみん)
Birthdate: 25 December 1991
Hobbies/Skills: Learning languages, Saxophone, Crane Game, Collecting Figures
Image Colour: Red
Solo Songs:  Ryuuseigun (流星群), Praline (プラリネ)
Other Work:  Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD (Tokiwa Kazumi), Future Card Buddyfight (Hyoryu Kiri)

Currently active as the guitarist and the voice for Toyama Kasumi from the band BanG_Dream, Aimi uses her own Les Paul guitar. The first recording she did for an anime was for Vanguard, and she ended up having to stay on her own to do her part after that and felt a sense of regret that she used to improve. She likes having girls sleeping over at her place.  In the second live, she had to practice the arpeggio part at the opening for Praline for two days straight.


Name: Julia  (ジュリア)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 26 September
Measurements: 79-54-80
Hobbies/Skills: Guitar

Julia accidentally applied to 765 Pro, but doesn’t want to do things halfway so she went ahead and continued. This determination led to her asking Miki to teach her how to use make up cutely. Acts as a tsukkomi in a lot of scenes, Julia’s gets embarrassed easily and she cannot cook to save her life. In the Gakken manga she helped Tsubasa the latter failed her dance audition by doing an outside performance with her, and together with Mizuki wrote lyrics for Tsubasa using the song she previously composed as a base.


Name: Takahashi Minami (高橋未奈美)
Nickname: Miina (みーな), Takamina (たかみな)
Birthdate: 20 December 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Speaks English, German
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Dear…, Suichuu Candy (水中キャンディ)
Other Work: Aikatsu! (Kazesawa Sora),  Hi☆sCoool! Seha Girls (Sega Saturn), Shokugeki no Soma (Tadokoro Megumi)

Takamina enjoys foreign dramas and enabled a certain cow loving seiyuu into Supernatural. In 6th grade she watched Harry Potter and wanted to become a wizard so she learned English. She had her friend write their name on the guardian column of the seiyuu audition application paper in high school to not let her parents know that she’s applying to be one. In middle school she said Santa Claus was the person she respects the most.


Name: Baba Konomi (馬場このみ)
Age: 24
Birthdate: 12 June
Measurements: 75-55-79
Hobbies/Skills: Watching American dramas, mahjong

The oldest 765 Theater member, Konomi is only 143cm tall, leading to her getting jobs where she has to dress like a primary schooler. She’s graduated from university and has an automatic driving license. Has a little sister and wants to look cool for her. Good friends with Rio and likes drinking with her. At first she applied to be a staff at 765 Pro, but due to Kotori’s mistake she ended up having to do the idol audition instead.

D1 Suwa

Name: Suwa Ayaka (諏訪彩花)
Nickname: Suwa-chan (諏訪ちゃん)
Birthdate: 27 May 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Blogging, Karaoke, Watching movies
Image Colour: Green
Solo Songs:  Festa Illumination (フェスタ・イルミネーション), Carnival Japanesque (カーニヴァル・ジャパネスク)
Other Work: Akuma no Riddle (Azuma Tokaku), Kiniro Mosaic (Matsubara Honoka), Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation (Izumi Rina)

Suwa-chan found out about the width of activities done by seiyuu while watching Prince of Tennis. Her first regular show was Gyrozetter where she was surrounded by pros like Inoue Marina, Tanaka Rie and Nakata Jouji and that left an impression on her.


Name: Tokugawa Matsuri (徳川まつり)
Age: 19
Birthdate: 4 February
Measurements: 85-59-85
Hobbies/Skills: Collecting manga, acting

Refers to herself in third person as Matsuri or Hime or Matsuri-hime, she supposedly keeps a horse at home. Hime ends her sentences with a なのです~. 「ほ~」 is her other verbal tic. In Live The@ter Performance 10 with Takane, Umi and Miya, she made Kotori help out with her wandaho party, and in the end, Kotori learned what “curiosity killed the cat” meant. Matsuri calls the theater a castle.


Name: Watanabe Keiko (渡部恵子)
Nickname:  Keiko-neesama (恵子ねえさま)
Birthdate: 29 March 1987
Hobbies/Skills: Going around random shops, karuta, eye examination
Image Colour: Orange
Solo Songs:  Decoration Dreamin~♪ (デコレーション・ドリ~ミンッ♪),  MY STYLE! OUR STYLE!!!!
Other Work: Urawa no Usagi-chan (Ooyaba Minami)

Hailing from the Nihon Narration Acting Research Institute, Keiko does not have a lot of appearances yet. Her first live event appearance was the Live Theater Performance 12 release event. She has qualifications in flower arrangement, a third rank English qualification in addition to a second rank secretary skill qualification.


Name: Suou Momoko (周防桃子)
Age: 11
Birthdate: 6 November
Measurements: 73-53-74
Hobbies/Skills: Collecting cute stickers, acting and memorizing lines

Before being an idol, Momoko has appeared in a lot of movies. Momoko acts selfish and a little bitter towards the producer, but deep inside she’s just a little girl. Momoko-senpai carries a stool with her all the time because when speaking to adults, she want to be able to look at them in the eye. Good friends with Iku and sleeps over at her place sometimes, Momoko also likes Chihaya’s singing. In the LTP, she got worried about Yukiho who got a cold during the live after taking her to the bus stop and waited for Momoko’s bus with her


Name: Inagawa Eri (稲川英里)
Nickname: Rari (らりー)
Birthdate: 28 October 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Eating meat, reading, Tap Dancing, Voice Mimicry
Image Colour: Orange
Solo Songs:  HopStepRainbow♪ (ホップ♪ステップ♪レインボウ♪), BOUNCING♪SMILE!
Other Work: Cyan (SHOW BY ROCK!!)

Actually plays the SHOW BY ROCK game seriously, she also enjoys playing Jubeat. When she was younger, she enjoyed Wild Arms. Her grandmother enjoys playing games and actually watched SHOW BY ROCK too. As a child she watched all kinds of foreign dramas with her family, and thought that the foreigners spoke Japanese very well. She didn’t know about seiyuu as a profession until around middle school.


Name: Ogami Tamaki (大神環)
Age: 12
Birthdate: 29 April
Measurements: 76-51-77
Hobbies/Skills: Exploring, throwing stones

Likes playing outside, Tamaki is close with Umi. She calls the producer Oyabun, and she has a great vision to the point where she can actually see the colour of the watch the audience at the very back is wearing. Hibiki likes her and treats her as one of her family members.


Name: Kiritani Chouchou (桐谷蝶々)
Nickname: Chocho (ちょちょ)
Birthdate: 15 January
Hobbies/Skills: Going to the zoo, watching owls, baton twirling, can sleep anywhere
Image Colour: Brown
Solo Songs:  Happy Effect! (ハッピ~ エフェクト!), Hatsukoi Butterfly (初恋バタフライ)
Other Work: Shingeki no Bahamut (Lorena)

A freelancer who does a lot of narration work, Chouchou likes Back to the Future and owls. She was feeling sleepy in a train a while back and accidentally tapped Million Live only to have Subaru wake her up. Mocho likes her a lot.

Name: Miyao Miya (宮尾美也)
Age: 17
Birthdate: 24 April
Measurements: 84-58-83
Hobbies/Skills: Igo, Shogi, Good eye vision

Miya told Kotori that she has never gotten angry at anything because she doesn’t know how to be angry. A very relaxed person, Miya is popular with older people who came to watch her in Matsuri’s party. Very good at cleaning because her grandpa told Miya how to use things like old newspaper to clean up windows, and eraser to clean the dirt from the wall.

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