HPTalk Episode 10

We’re back! And it’s time to find out how much Moy spent on Million Live! Thanks Moy!

my Face

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Kuro, Chuck
Guests: Moy, ‘Nesto, Karagea
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current events (as of 12/26/2015)
  • ML2nd discussion (LONG EPISODE WARNING)
  • Ending

HPT.moe translations: Amina, Dire1
Arieshon Please vines

A belated happy 2016! Please help us entertain you by asking us silly or not so silly questions! If you have noticed we went on a live review streak so it’s time to change things up if you got a good idea.

As always, you can send us a message, ask a question, write in a letter talking about yourself or ask us to help with something relevant, or leave a comment. Please use the below form!

Hopefully we can record another episode soon. We’re all kind of busy but who knows!

PS. Definitely a shout-out to our hard-working translators bringing us the two long-form translations covering important aspects of all this stuff. Please give them your thanks, and more importantly, read those two posts about Amina and Dire1!

PPS. Kraken.

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