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So we translated Satou Amina’s Yonikomo episode 12/17/2015. The podcast is available on iTunes and also on its blog.
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Producers, good work! And with that, Satou Amina’s Kono Yo ni Komoji ha irimasen! will now begin!

Good evening, everyone! 1422 radio Nippon next Satou Amina’s Kono Yo ni Komoji ha irimasen!, Yonikomo for short, has started! And it’s Power Up Week this week on Radio Nippon. So everybody, ARE YOU AWAKE?

Well, every week is special here on Yonikomo. Hey, this is pretty good. This would make a good CM. It’s got nothing to do with it since every week is special, so. Eeeeeh, I’ve kept you all waiting. This week, I’ll be looking back on iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls 3rd Live, Cinderella’s Ball, Power of Smile. Well, let’s not go into it right now. Not now. Later, we’ll take our time with this one later. Lately it feels like I haven’t been able to talk about things in depth because of all the shrink dinks, so today I’ll cover all of that in the opening. Anyway, I feel like reading tons of mail today.

That said, there’s been a lot of things that I haven’t been able to talk about lately because of recording reasons. First off, Tachibana Arisu’s Solo CD 「in fact」 has placed 8th in the weekly chart! Congratulations! And another thing, wow a bunch of great things happened lately. Sales for Yonikomo T-shirts crashed the Radio Nippon servers, regardless of that, all 400 units were sold out in a flash. So as a result of the amazing reception, we’ll be adding more sizes and pre-orders are now open. A very big thank you to everyone who bought it, AwataPro, and the Radio Nippon Shop! But as for the staff, they were all, “It’s all right. Don’t worry about us. We don’t even need samples. Just give every last one to the customer.” So as much as we may want it, we’ll just get it later, no problem. And, Cinderella’s Ball was a huge success so I’m ecstatic about it and 「in fact」 along with Amina-san, they called me a lot of things that day, Miina’s another one of my nicknames and there’s Amina, and Amina-chan, there’s a lot of nicknames going around, but for some reason everyone wanted to call me Amina-san. So, I guess I’ll stick with Amina-san now. I’m not really one to be called –san because it sounds too formal, but it felt really comfortable despite that so that’s great. Yeah. And those two things somehow trended on Twitter and that really surprised me. And as a response to that, Yonikomo’s Twitter gained around, three thousand followers? And the blog got a ton of hits as well – Staff.

And another thing, this is really amazing, 「in fact」’s writer/composer, Fujita Maiko, wanted to thank me so, “I attended Satou Amina’s in store Live and I was able to thank her in person.” Fujita-san said she went to the live on Twitter, but we couldn’t meet each other on the day so I really wanted to say this. “It’s difficult when the person you’re talking to is so friendly so I’m sorry for that,” she told me it was difficult straight to my face, “but I’m really grateful that you sung it so wonderfully. I was tearing up.” So, all these wonderful things happened and I’m really pumped up today so I figured it’d the best day for Power Up Week. Anyway, there’s a song that I would like you all to hear from Fujita Maiko’s latest album, Renai Shousetsu, this song is… not very Arisu-like but well, it has a little bit to do with Cinderella Girls so I would like for you hear it today. So, from Fujita Maiko’s Renai Shousetsu, here’s Mahou Tsukai ga Arawaresou na Yoru.

*kyuru kyuru kyuru* Unfortunately, because of copyright reasons, we can’t play the actual track right now. So please enjoy it in real time if you missed us on air. Carrying on with the show! *kyuru kyuru kyuru*

And that was Fujita Maiko’s Mahou Tsukai ga Arawaresou na Yoru. I would like you all to hear the whole thing again while reading the lyrics. You should get a pretty good idea of how the first verse connects but the second verse relates quite well too. So, you should all listen to Fujita Maiko’s new album, Renai Shousetsu, and listen to this song as well!

All right, I’ll now get to reading a lot of the mail that everyone’s sent me! It’s a huge festival today! Look forward to it!

So again, good evening. I’m Satou Amina. I’ll be reading the mail that everyone’s sent me now. 30 minutes aren’t going to be enough for this, so that’s where the podcast will come in. So, there’s a lot of mail about segments and news to the point that it’s like a hamburger. That’s what we usually call it here on Yonikomo, but this is well beyond a regular hamburger. So much mail came in, it really caught me by surprise. It really caught me off guard. I feel really nervous when picking out mails, but this is the first time where I felt pretty relaxed when I picked them out.  I thought, man I have to read all of this! But I picked them all very casually. There’s a ton to read so I’ll do my best to get through them. Yeah.

Radio name: OT. Good evening Amina-san and staff. It’s my first time writing in to a TV or radio program. I attended Day Two of Cinderella’s Ball. As a hard ArisuP, this is the day I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. I wore my Arisu T-shirt that other amazing ArisuPs made, waved my Arisu lumes and cheered as hard as I can. I was looking for Amina-san from the moment the stage began, and when you showed up on screen, wearing Arisu’s trademark blue ribbon, I was very touched. On this live stage, I felt like I could see Arisu with you out of the corner of my eye. And as the performance went on, it was time for 「in fact」. Your voice along with the somber melody sounded even more wonderful than on the CD. Seeing nothing but blue cyalumes gave me the impression that I was in a fantasy, I was deeply moved. I felt that Amina-san was actually Arisu-chan on that stage. I’m glad Arisu is in good hands with you, Amina-san. It was an unforgettable, amazing day. Once again, thank you very much. And a job well done with the performance. For giving such a heartfelt performance, I’ll continue listening to Yonikomo so I can keep supporting you. I live in the country, so I’ve only been listening to the podcasts, but I’ll sign up for Radiko so I can listen to you in real time. I’ve placed an order for Yonikomo shirts too. It’s not much, but I wanted to do something for you. Radio Nippon execs, please don’t let Yonikomo end! I’m confident that I’ll keep listening to Yonikomo every week from now on!

So, again, a very big thank you to everyone who attended Cinderella’s Ball. Uhh, let’s see. I don’t even know where to start here. In the first season of the anime, when new generations performed on stage for the first time as Mika-nee’s back dancers, well, there’s a pop-up scene there, right? You know, the one where they go FRIED-CHI-CKEN! And, well there’s a similar scene in the second season, I’m sure all of you remember, but when they hopped on stage and saw that sea of cyalumes, their eyes just lit up! I mean their eyes were bright to begin with but they shined even brighter! When I was on center stage for the opening, you know as I was going on stage, the first time I saw that view, the sight of it just made me cry. It’s like, I dunno, I’ve never felt this way before. There was my previous job, sure, so I’ve seen that view countless times by now, but I dunno, it was really something I’ve never felt until now. Just seeing such a view open up like that. I mean honestly, I was really nervous the day before. It was awful. When I was rehearsing the dancing, and the singing too, especially the singing I guess. Ishihara-san said that, 「in fact」 doesn’t have much of a live concert feel to it. That became a wall that I had to overcome no matter what. And I get that it’s different from the jobs I’ve had up to now, but I have this habit that I have to be precise with everything I do. It’s become this habit I can’t get rid of. During dress rehearsals they told me that and on the day of the rehearsal I was warned of the same thing. I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep at all the day before. I couldn’t get enough time rehearsing on the day, so we had a lot of rehearsals just on the stage.

So, we, I mean me, Arisu and Krone, because we had only gotten in from the anime, we hadn’t spent enough time with the other cast members. The people that were in Krone, the people that were on radio, we had a little bit of interaction there, so I didn’t expect it to be that amazing. Since we didn’t have enough time together I thought connecting would be difficult, even though we do get along. I dunno, how should I put this? It felt like I was alone, or alone with Arisu anyway since she’s still with me. I was still giving it my all, but during the rehearsal on the day of, I went to the dressing room by accident so no one else was there. Everyone was behind the set having catering and they had just placed their stuff there so I was all alone during the second half of rehearsals and that was a bit much. But I couldn’t really eat either and I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, I was going, “Someone help me!” in my head, but there’s no way I can say that out loud on because we’re not that close yet and a lot of things were going through my head. Anyway, rehearsals went as planned and everyone was eating… “So that’s where everyone was,” I thought and everyone was still eating and I just couldn’t eat. I was watching the monitor, and couldn’t eat at all. But then Iidashi invited me to eat with her but I still couldn’t anyway since everyone already got their food with them and I dunno I just thought it’d be weird if I went and got food by myself. What if they say, “Amina, you’re not eating?” And Iidashi was already in the middle of eating and she said she’d come and take some food with me even though the spot was a bit far. She just said, “I eat pretty fast.” So she made it look like she was going to get more anyway.

I’m the type to get really nervous so even though I really wanted to see the Day 1 performers the day before, I didn’t see them because I knew I would just get nervous. But because I didn’t watch Day 1, I don’t know what happened and I don’t know what the stage was going to be like. Even then, everyone still told me what it was like. I used to be an idol so people don’t think of me as one to get nervous, but I think everyone noticed that I was acting weird so Iidashi said, when I get nervous… God, I’m just talking about Iidashi now! She said to look this way, or just tell me to hold her hand and… We haven’t even known each other for that long. I can’t! Everyone’s just so kind! So when I first went on stage, and sang Onegai Cinderella!… Everyone was just… Honestly, last year, last Christmas when it was announced I would voice Arisu… I dunno… I just felt that it was a good year. It was my first time experiencing this tough of a Christmas.  Like, I was happy, but also felt it was hard. I’m happy now especially with that thing trending on twitter but even if it wasn’t I’d be okay. To begin with I’m coming to this from being a Producer myself so I really get the feeling. When I did 00, something similar happened, I would get it. And I really get it so I couldn’t help myself feeling that way.

And I know I have to get better with my own abilities. I just don’t want to be a burden to Arisu. But for some reason, I didn’t feel confident that it would go well. When she got voiced, she was moving at a slow speed, I’ve said this before, but it just felt like I had caused this again and I really didn’t want that. So that’s why during this live I was dead set on getting everybody’s approval, I had to, that’s what I thought. But everyone, all the Producers were so nice. When I was on the cart, I was excited, I was so close to everyone in the audience. As I looked around and held out my hand, I thought that everyone must’ve thought, “Wow, this girl’s playing it up!” but everyone just smiled and they looked so happy. And as OT-san said, the t-shirts ArisuPs made, I could spot them really easily and I didn’t know how to feel about that. I’ve performed in a lot of lives up to now, but I think, and the people who’ve seen me live before will understand, I think that was the first time I’ve ever smiled like that. Usually, because I would perform as an idol, I would worry about how it would look on TV or how I wouldn’t want my face to look bad on DVD so I would still sing, but I would calculate how much I would smile, I would always be full of calculations. Because I didn’t want to have any regrets. But I needed to look pretty and admirable and that’s what being part of AKB was about. I gave my best efforts because I didn’t want to drag people down. But this time, because I was on stage with Arisu, how should I put this, it may look like I performed like I usually did, but to me it felt completely different. I can’t really say it because I’ll get bashed, but this is how I really feel. Because I had my song, because there were so many people looking at me. I could really feel how everyone loved Arisu. It was amazing. So, it’s a completely different atmosphere. I was really happy about it.

So, when it was time for 「in fact」, it was the second half which was the segment for Krone. We sang Absolute Nine to start and after that Kanade-san presented Hotel Moonside, and then came Arisu with 「in fact」. Right after Absolute Nine, I had to move from the main stage to center stage really quickly so I couldn’t watch Hotel Moonside. But we covered this during rehearsals since it was a really important part of the flow so we had to nail it. But you could still feel the excitement during Hotel Moonside. Even if I could only hear the song, it felt like Kanade-san was really there. But I didn’t really feel that much pressure back then. I wonder why. In the past, I would definitely be panicking, like, “What if I mess up the lyrics?” There’s probably a lot of things I would be nervous about. But I think because I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t scared at all. When the time came for me to be on stage and the spotlight hit, my legs were shaking. But it wasn’t, “Oh no, my legs are shaking what do I do!?” Because Arisu was beside me, it felt like we would be talking about how our legs are shaking. So it wasn’t, “Oh no, I’m so scared.” It was more, “Arisu, look. Amina’s legs are shaking lol.” That’s the thing, it felt like since we’re together, we’ll be all right. That feeling was inside all of us.

There was the choreography of course, but I dunno, I didn’t really sing like that in the dress rehearsals or during rehearsals, that’s probably because I was standing in front of so many Producers so I was able to project Arisu’s true feelings? And Amina’s feelings were in there as well so I think that’s why it was such a great performance. From my perspective, it felt like that is one of my shortcomings, I know you have to sing the same way no matter the situation, whether you have guests or not, but the reason why Arisu and I were able to pull off such a performance was because of all the Producers that were there. I’m really grateful that we were allowed to deliver such a performance.

I’ve been saying that Ishihara-san said that 「in fact」 didn’t have much live appeal, so I could put in more emotion into it and that’d be all right. I didn’t have to sing the exact same way I did on the CD and I could really just use whatever feelings I had and put it into the song. So even though he told me that, I still thought about how much I should put into it. Well, when I got on stage it just felt completely different. Without even thinking, I don’t even know if that’s possible here, without even thinking or planning I just put all of my emotions into the song. During impressions, I was, well up until then I was watching the entire thing, but during impressions I made a gesture with my hand and I looked down slightly, and I could see a lot of Producers. And they were holding their towels and crying. I was about to cry too but because Arisu wouldn’t cry, I just held it in, as an adult, as Arisu, as an adult Arisu would look up to. So I delivered the performance without incident and I was able to hold it in and get through the song. After that, Ishihara-san complimented me a ton about it, he said it was the best, that I cried backstage was a secret though. Ishihara-san showed me a little snippet of everyone watching the 「in fact」 performance and everyone gave a huge round of applause. I’ve been through a lot, but I feel like everything that’s happened is a build up for today. And tomorrow is built on everything that happens today. And I’m sure there’s still a lot of amazing things that I’ll get to experience. I agree with OT-san, it’s a day that I’ll never forget. It’s the first time that I’ve felt so empty right after a live. My mom came by to watch and she said, “You’re on the screen so much! I don’t even need to look for you!” So it’s great that we got to experience that kind of happiness together. And we got to feel the Producers warmth as well since there’s so much mail. Oh yeah, the letters! So in the letters I’ve received, there’s a lot of the Producer’s name cards in them as well. So Amina bought this, at a 100-yen store, heh. I got a 100-yen folder, woops I dropped it, and I put a Krone sticker from Tokyu Hands on the center of it, it’s this blue folder. So, everyone’s name cards will go here, and yeah I bought a name card holder! So it’d be great if this gets filled up with a lot of name cards in the future.

Wait, no! I’m talking too much! I haven’t even stopped for breaks! What’s the time? This is crazy. Gah, I can’t even see the staff now since my vision’s blurry. Help. Aaaah. God, this sounds like the end of the episode! No, this is bad! This isn’t Yonikomo, what is this? This is bad, man. Anyway. Anyway? I dunno. I don’t even know what to say! Anyway, I had lots and lots of fun and it was super exciting!

So I won’t go into the details of it, but I got some comments from Imai Asami, Mingosu, who plays Chihaya. She came to watch it live on Day One and watched it in LV on Day Two. But this one’s a secret! It’s my own little secret! But I received some wonderful words from her, so.

Okay, I wanna read this letter now. Radio name Kogeshiba. Hello, Amina-san and everyone on staff. A job well done in the ball the other day. I only attended the LV, but I had lots of fun! 「in fact」 was amazing. Followers on twitter have been saying the same thing, that Chihaya has descended, and you really reminded them of Imai Asami. “Arisu… Arisu is right there…” It really shone through during the stage and I can feel that you’re going to take good care of Arisu and walk alongside her and treat her well. During a certain event, Arisu mentions that her dream is to move people’s hearts, and she wants Producer to listen to a plain girl’s song. I heard that you’ve always wanted to be a voice actress in the iDOLM@STER series. Have Miina and Arisu achieved their dreams yet? That’s all from me. I’ll continue to support you as an ArisuP from now on! P.S. Lately some iM@S girls have been taken by the darkness that is rolling, so take care that you don’t go down the same path as them!

No problem. I have no money to roll with so I can’t roll! All right!

Yeah. When you put it that way about Chihaya-san’s feelings about singing, it feels like I’m getting a bit over my head. I feel like I can connect really well through Arisu. So, to have Producers say that was really unexpected and it makes me really, really happy. I’m sure Arisu would love Chihaya-san. She’s definitely someone she would look up to. Like the way she sings, and she would probably nod as she observes her. And she’d just connect the dots in her own head as she does her research. So it really makes me happy that Producers would talk about that.

I’m really happy! I’m fine now! I cried my heart out, so I’m totally fine. What should I do now? Let’s go with this one.

Radio name: KarochanP. Amina-chan, good job on the concert. 「in fact」 was an amazing solo performance. It’s a ballad so the choreography isn’t anything that would stand out, but the way you looked like you couldn’t take whatever it was being said but you still tried hard not to let it show on your face during [言われる一人でも平気そうだと] and [そんなわけないよ言い返さないけど] along with the way you turned your head was heartbreaking and it left a great impression on me. I was part of the LV crew, so I was able to see you from a lot of different angles, but you could really feel how alone Tachibana-san was when the camera went behind and you were hit with the spotlight from the front. It really felt like Tachibana Arisu herself took the stage with her blue fluttering ribbon. Thank you for the wonderful stage. When the live footage is released, I’ll definitely buy it! I’ve been a TachibanaP since before she got voiced and given that I’ve known her for a long time, I was conflicted whether I should yell out Tachibana or Miina-san during the live. I know it’s tradition to call out the voice actress’ names during an iM@S live so I should just call out Miina-san, but Amina-san nailed Tachibana-san’s voice dead on. But I wanted to show my happiness over being a TachibanaP for so long and finally having her CD debut and concert debut that I wanted to call her name too. In the end I couldn’t decide on which to call and I decided to go with my gut when I heard the actual song and I went to the concert with Tachibana-san’s penlights in both hands. It turns out, I still couldn’t decide during 「in fact」 and the calls wouldn’t escape my mouth. So in compensation I just applauded with all I had. The reason for that being I just liked both the character and the voice actress so much that I couldn’t decide who I liked more. I was afraid that, even if I did call out both names, the one I called later would feel left out. Amina-san has been an iM@S P since the arcade days so do you have any experience with acknowledging both the character and VA at the same time?

What a wonderful letter.

Well, when I went to SamaFes, I saw everyone as their characters. I dunno, I guess I’m just simple like that. Everyone’s abilities and sync rates with their characters were obviously high but anyway it really felt to me like they were their characters. To the point that during the live I’d still see them as their characters even when they got separated from each other. During rehearsals it felt like they synced up but I dunno, it’s not really, “Wow, they’re so in sync!” It feels more like they’re standing right next to each other. Kind of like having them on their shoulders. It felt like I had Arisu on my shoulders. Whenever I do work with her that’s what it always feels like so… And I guess I had Arisu on my shoulders when I sang 「in fact」 too! But that’s how I feel whenever I do a job for Cinderella. So, it’s not so much syncing, it’s more like having them next to you. Like you can talk with them, “What should we do here?” you know. “How would you say this line, Arisu?” you know. “I’d say it like this.” So it feels like you can hold a conversation with them. I dunno, does that sound weird to you? I’m an only child, so I’m good at playing by myself so I would play with my little Licca doll and I guess I have great imagination, or fantasies? That’s why I can’t help but see the rest of the cast as their characters. Samafes was a lot of fun. It wasn’t really a concert but I couldn’t help but have a lot of fun there.

I don’t know what else to say, I’m sorry. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I got tons of mai. And I’m really glad that I got an increase in twitter followers. It feels like I’m finally acknowledged and I know people won’t directly tell me that, but Arisu is finally recognized so that’s great. It’s like I can finally support Arisu’s work and get people to like her. That I can continue making her stronger.

I’m happy. Really happy. There’s a lot of mail to go through. Let’s see…

Radio name: SSK. Good evening, Amina-chan. It’s my first time writing in. I’ve been listening to Yonikomo ever since you guested on Derepa but I was really excited for the Ball and I looked forward to hearing 「in fact」 and seeing Arisu-chan on stage. I was in the F-1 block during the live so I couldn’t see the stage very well but when I spotted Arisu-chan’s blue ribbon I knew that it was you in an instant.

Amina actually asked for this ribbon. I told them this was a must and they had to get the size right, too.

When the carts were making a round trip during Star!! And it stopped right in front of me, I waved Arisu’s penlights with all I had. I saw that you were looking for something and it turns out you were grabbing the Arisu penlights and started waving them. I instantly thought, “Wow, this girl’s funny!” My favorite song was Heart Voice and when you sang Sachiko’s part I felt like crying. During 「in fact」, I just started crying. Your expression and the way you sang were way beyond my expectations it felt like Arisu was standing on stage at that very moment. This is my first time writing to a radio so my writing’s not very good, but I really wanted to tell you how I felt about your performance. Thank you very much being Arisu’s voice actress. Please continue taking care of her from now on.

So compared to the 2nd live, the staff’s idea was to have as many of the cast on stage for as long as possible. Because of that, we spent a lot of time during lessons of course. But like during the Medley, even if you’re not singing, you’re still gonna be on stage. My favorite part of lives is thinking of what to do I’m not singing. So I already like iM@S and Cinderella Girls to begin with so I’m familiar with a lot of the songs and I know the choreography from watching the DVDs. So I would follow the choreography to fill for time and do calls if the songs called for it. So when I was on the cart, it was, well, I wanted to meet the fans who were seated far away up close so I bent down a bit so I could get even closer. I wanted to make sure that I made eye contact with everyone, one at a time. I think I probably saw you wave those penlights. I remember stopping for a bit at one point so it was probably the latter half of Star!! I probably stopped a bit right around when Star!! ended and Susume Otome began. And that’s when I found people waving Arisu penlights. I just went, “Whoa, those are Arisu penlights!” Up until then I was just pumping my fists going “OI OI,” and danced normally but there were penlights in the cart for the cast to wave around if we wanted to and in my head I was going, “Oh god, I have to start waving them quick!” so I just reached into the cart, “Come on, where is it?!” and started waving them. I started waving them because I saw SSK-san. I’m really glad I noticed you. Really happy that there were people that took notice. They told us about the penlights and how we could pull them out whenever we wanted but I got too excited and forgot. During the excitement I just went, “Wait a second, I have penlights!” so I started waving them. That was fun.

Let’s see. Hold on. Oh, this one.

Radio name: Arabesque. Amina-chan and staff good evening. I went to watch Day Two of the Ball a couple days ago. Seeing 「in fact」 being performed in a sea of blue cyalumes and on such a huge stage was amazing. I heard people going, “That was a great performance.” all around me after the song was over so that made me really happy as a fan of Amina-chan. I really want to see it live again if I have the chance. So that’s my expectations for next time set, but are there any songs you would like to sing if you get to participate in another Cinderella Girls live?

Well, I love Atapon. I love, love, love it. I just love Atashi Ponkotsu Android. I’ve memorized the choreography quite a bit so during the medley when Atapon came on and it was the full version so since I didn’t get to sing it I had some free time. I just love Atapon’s choreography, it’s so much fun. I don’t think a lot of people got to see this, I just went for it. Oh man, there’s no way you guys caught this. Amina’s favorite part in the choreo is the D Melo [アンドロイドは夢を見る電気羊と砂嵐の夢] right after that [今は虹のベッドでチェリーつまむ夢よあなたと] I just started picking cherries and ate ‘em. I sure wish you coulda seen that! So that was during main stage. Aaaah, I really wanted you to see that! I wonder if anyone noticed. If anyone caught that at all, that’s rare. I just picked cherries, and I ate them. That was great. I didn’t plan any of this in advance, I just did it. So that was great. And, during We’re the friends [You & Me好きなモノが違うひとりひとり違う今日のコーデもほらね?], oh first [ミニワンピでPink] So the ‘Pink’ part, wait no, it was ‘mini one piece’ so I did a curtsey with my skirt [デニム系のBlue] and I was wearing a blue costume so I pointed to a blue part, and then [キレイめですOrange] I wasn’t wearing anything orange so I just frantically looked for one. “Orange? What!? I don’t have any orange on me!” So that was a lot of fun. There’s no way you guys caught that… Man, and that was one of my favorite sections too… I was looking for it, there aren’t any orange things on this thing! [笑っちゃうくらいだね] and I just burst out laughing because of this. This, I loved this turn out so much. If I get some free time again, this will be one of my favorite things definitely.

So I just noticed this out when I checked my phone. So the letters, along with the name cards, and presents, “What I got presents!?” I love presents so much… Aaaah I’m so happy. We’ll hold off on that since it’s not even my birthday yet. I got a lot of shikishi too. So among the letters I got there was this 3D strawberry sticker. And I got that mail on that day but I was so sleepy I couldn’t read it then. I just collapsed and went to bed. So the next day after work, “All right, I’m going drinking today.” It was on top of a Tsutaya in Shibuya, this Wired café place. A very trendy looking place. It was a normal café but I was alone on the bar counter, ordered some beer and I read my mail there. It was kind of an afterparty with myself. So within the mail was this one with a 3D strawberry sticker. I took it off very neatly. It’s on my phone, here I’ll show you. Look at this, isn’t it the cutest? It sticks really well so I don’t think it’ll come off easily. Yeah, I stuck it on my case. This strawberry’s really cute. And since these were presents to Arisu, there was a lot of strawberry themed stuff. Like, letters would have a strawberry print on them, and I got some strawberry konpeito from Kyoto, I thought it’d be a waste so I haven’t eaten them yet. They look really good though, strawberry konpeito.

It’s so much fun, these letters. I haven’t gotten so much mail since I was an idol. I’m just a huge letter nerd, I love reading them, I like their angled look too. It’s amazing. I’m really psyched about all this. I just think the letters people write are great. Yeah, letters are great.

What was I talking about?

Oh, songs! I wanna do Atapon! Kay? Can I say it here? I guess I should. I wanna sing Atapon. Arisu… I wonder how Arisu would sing it. She would be a little embarrassed… But, she unexpectedly likes cutes things. She’d be flustered but, if you tell her that she looks good while wearing it she’ll just quietly say, “Yeah thanks.”

We’ve been going for a while now eh? Should I follow this up chief? I don’t have to? What about this big announcement? You don’t need it!? Dang! All right. Get it together! Guess that’s it, staff-san’s crying out and they can’t continue recording. Nothing’s gonna get done since everyone’s crying. Well, thanks to everyone. Thanks to the one running the twitter too. Keep up the tweets. So today’s been a long episode and I can’t even remember what I said. I’m really happy that I got to express my feelings. I’m sure I was able to do this since Arisu was able to be honest with me and tell me a lot about herself. I’m really grateful to Arisu, Producers and Yonikomo listeners.

Cinderella’s Ball was a great success! Thank you very much! Bye-bye! Good night!

Get it together already!

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