HPTalk Episode 8

Things are a-changing, SideeeeMMMMMM

Big changes starting this week: We’re moving to our own hosting (AWS). As HPTalk finds its identity as a weekly podcast between 30-60 minutes, this much content is well in excess of any free-and-easy hosting sites. We are currently paying for Soundcloud but that’s going to stop in a week or less. Hopefully this also means we can put the feed on iTunes, whatever that means.

Meanwhile all the back episodes can be found here. I’ll put that permanent link in a more accessible part of the site soon. The podcast blog posts will remain organized the same way (and it’s in the header up top). Those embeds will be updated before the Soundcloud account goes back to free.

Podcast notes:

Host: Kuro
Guests: Tim, Kei
Produce, edit: omo

SideM EN unofficial twitter.

Someone is translating Amina’s podcast from last week, hopefully we can post a fan translation here soon? Oh it’s right here.

While I am not at work or doing holiday/chores/important things, I could be watching ML2nd. But noooo, I have to edit this podcast lel. It’s a good way to talk about SideM and these guys didn’t even go to the live! It speaks volumes on both the value of live viewing and the quality performances by the SideM seiyuu.

And it’s not just editing, next week we will have a special recording of some kind. Maybe we’ll call it a HPTalk Christmas Special and have people play games the whole time, while we can catch up on music since last week we skipped the music so we ended up playing it this week…

Just a note on this podcast. Some pretty pro-looking podcasts have large listenership and can sell affiliate or advertising. HPTalk does not plan to do that right now because our listenership so far is a very, very loyal and very, very small group of people (and by the way, thank you!). This is the main reason behind the hosting move–going to manual hosting saves me potentially like $100/yr. But the idea behind this podcast, and HPT in general, is the same. We are a bunch of oversea Producers who event. And the information here about events can apply to everyone who is looking to attend something similar, may it be another series or franchise, or even 3D idoling.

TL;DR – if you think the info here is good, please share it with anyone else you think who can use it.

Now, as usual, we rely on your questions, comments and letters! Please give us plenty.

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