The Osakan venue of Believe My Dre@m is happening soon, and to prepare, we’ve profiled the girls appearing in the live. We’ve introduced the leaders of this venue: Watanabe Yui and Fujii Yukiyo in the previous articles, so do check those out.

Both Days


Name: Tadokoro Azusa田所あずさ
Nickname: Koroazu (ころあず), AZAZ, pity
Birthdate: 10 November 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Arm Wrestling, Cooking, Tennis, Neatly shaping soft-serve ice cream, Cows
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs: Precious Grain, Catch my dream
Other Work: Aikatsu (Kiriya Aoi), Musaigen no Phantom World (Ruru)

The winner of the 36th Horipro Scout Caravan, Koroazu is a lover of holstein patterned cows. After watching Inuyasha in middle school she started wanting to become a seiyuu due to Yajima Akiko’s acting in that show. She’s very close to Yamazaki Haruka, to the point where she said that Pyonkichi is the only other person she can talk to about anything other than the Horipro girls. In middle school because of Ace wo Nerae (drama ver) she went and joined the tennis club. In high school while being confused on how she should become a seiyuu, Koroazu found out that Nakajima Megumi graduated from the same school and looked her up before finding out about the Horipro audition.


Name: Mogami Shizuka (最上静香)
Age: 14
Birthdate: 14 September
Measurements: 76-53-77
Hobbies/Skills: Tennis, Piano

Shizuka loves udon (even udon flavoured ice cream). Her dream is to become an idol, but not just any idol, but one that is loved and accepted by everyone, an idol that can sing alone in Budokan on her own. In the manga, to exhaustion she fell ill and had to miss the live she was training hard for (a story parallel to Koroazu getting sick and having to miss most of the first anniversary).


Name: Oozeki Eri (大関英里)
Nickname: Zekky (ぜっきー)
Birthdate: 18 August 1987
Hobbies/Skills: Karaoke, Saxophone
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs:  Smile Ichiban (スマイルいちばん), SUPER SIZE LOVE!!
Other Work:  Garo Honoo no Kokuin (Anna Luis), Garo Makai no Hana (Madou Brooch Orva), PEANUTS – Snoopy Short Movie (Lucy)

In addition to Million Live, Zekky is also active in Makai Kagekidan, a unit for the GARO project under the name ANNA. Zekky wrote that at first, her job mostly involved doing dubbing, but as time goes on the field where she can apply her acting becomes bigger and bigger. Zekky managed to become a seiyuu after passing the Seiyuu Award New Talent Audition back in 2007. She said that unlike Minako she’s bad at cooking, and specialises in eating


Name: Satake Minako (佐竹美奈子)
Age: 18
Birthdate: 22 March
Measurements: 86-54-82
Hobbies/Skills: Fighting games, cooking

Minako’s idea of snacks is a full set chinese food course. Her house is a chinese restaurant, and she helps run it, and her specialities includes hoikoro and nikujaga. Minako wants to make producer into a chubbier man, just the way she likes it, and she does it by feeding him a lot of calories. When playing fighting games, she likes using grappling characters.


Name:  Yamaguchi Rikako (山口立花子
Nickname: Rikanee(りかねえ), Chikuwa P(ちくわP)
Birthdate: 30 March 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Walking, Chikuwa research, talking about Akihabara
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs: Be My Boy, WHY?
Other Work: Gundam-san (Frau), Devil Survivor 2: Break Record (Fumi), Konya mo Anata ni Checkin (Radio)

Rikanee enjoys reading aloud ever since she was in primary school, and she’d enjoy having her language teacher call her out to read up passages from a book. This caused her to want join the broadcasting club, and as she also enjoys anime, she eventually decided that becoming a seiyuu will let her work with her voice and anime. In addition to chikuwa, she enjoys taking photos, and thought that she probaby would end up as a cameraman if she did not become a seiyuu.  Rikanee is good friends with Watanabe Yui and Kondo Yui, and she says that Yuiton loves her very much. She got close to Yuiton because they were often doing the same jobs, and have similar taste in music: Sound Horizon.


Name: Momose Rio
Age: 23
Birthdate: 21 November
Measurements: 845784
Hobbies/Skills: Yoga exercises, make up

Despite looking mature and pretending she is, Rio’s a pure girl at heart. Close with Konomi to the point of calling her Konomi-neesan the two of them would go out drinking together. Rio thinks that saying stuff like “Hey, I don’t wanna go home tonight, there’s a cafeteria that’s open 24/7 nearby, wanna go?” counts as flirting.

Day 1 Only


Name: Ueda Reina (上田麗奈)
Nickname: Ueshama (うえしゃま), Uebaa (うえばあ), Reichan (麗ちゃん)
Birthdate: 17 January 1994
Hobbies/Skills: Cleaning, Walking, Drawing
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Kokoro☆Exercise (ココロ☆エクササイズ), Renai Roadrunner (恋愛ロードランナー)
Other Work:  Hanayamata (Sekiya Naru), Tesagure Bukatsumono (Sonota Mobuko), Dimension W (Yurisaki Mira), Pripara (Kiki Ajimi)

One of the loves of my life, Ueshama said that she has lost her pure heart after doing Tesapurun – Tesagure! Bukatsu-Mono Spin-Off Purupurun Sharumu To Asobou, and that she’s got the resolve to take everything in like a black hole. She was the winner of the  5th 81 Produce Audition. She wanted to keep doing acting after graduating from high school, and found out about the audition. As it was nearing the deadline, she ended up asking the music teacher to lend her recording equipments and recorded the lines and song she used to apply. Ueshama is called ponkotsu by a lot of people, she is a bit all over the place, but is capable of completely switching on stage to the point where fellow Million Live casts called that persona a different person. Her favourite book series is Cliff McNish’s Doomspell Trilogy.


Name: Kousaka Umi (高坂海美)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 10 August
Measurements: 82-57-84
Hobbies/Skills: Bouldering, Posing in a way that people can’t normally do

Energetic summarizes Umi. She loves sports and outdoorsy activities and is proud of her stamina. Umimi is close with Tamaki and Hibiki as and would play outdoors with them. She enjoys challenges, and actually took P across the Tottori Desert in the game. In the manga, she was also chosen as the backdancer for Takane, Hibiki and Miki’s live.


Name:  Komagata Yuri (駒形友梨)
Nickname: Yuririn (ゆりりん), Koma-chan (こまちゃん)
Birthdate: 25 August 1991
Hobbies/Skills: UFO Catcher,
Image Colour: Purplish
Solo Songs: Kimi Omoi Birthday(君想いBirthday), vivid color
Other Work: Mangirl (Torii Aki)

A half Japanese Filipina, Koma-chan was the finalist in the 5th All Japan Anison Grandprix. She’s great at playing the werewolf game, to the point where she managed to carry her team to victory in the Millionwolf game (that comes with the ML2nd BD box). A Sakamoto Maaya fan, she found out about her from Tsubasa Chronicle’s Loop. She likes yakisoba and does not like bell peppers very much.


Name: Takayama Sayoko (高山紗代子)
Age: 17
Birthdate: 29 December
Measurements: 82-55-80
Hobbies/Skills: Taking care of her pet hedgehog, gets energetic after sleeping for a night.

Despite being the glasses character, Sayoko takes them off when she goes up on stage but she does not put on contact lenses, as a result she cannot see around her very well, to the point of mistaking a tree for a person.. A serious honour student type, she can turn into a hot-blooded and hardworking type too. She has a pet hedgehog who is possibly called Hariko (its unclear if she was referring to her hedgehog or not in the game).


Name: Kakumoto Asuka (角元明日香)
Nickname: Asshu (あっしゅ) Kakkun (かっくん)
Birthdate: 8 April 1992
Image Colour: Green
Solo Songs: Omoi ha Carnaval (想いはCarnaval), Fantasista Carnival (ファンタジスタ・カーニバル)
Other Work: Isshuukan Friends (Serizawa Maiko), Kakumoto Asuka no Maji!Anilove (Radio)

Originating from the Saitama prerfecture, Asuka tells people not to call her a legal loli because she’s short in her Anilove radio program. In school she was in the wind instrument club before changing to the theater club as she was aiming to become a seiyuu. She wanted to go to a vocational school, but her parents told her to go to a normal school and she ended up enrolling in the same school her brother enrolled in.


Name: Shimabara Elena
Age: 17
Birthdate: 26 October
Measurements: 85-58-86
Hobbies/Skills: Party, Samba Dancing

Elena was raised in Rio de Janeiro until she was 6 years old before moving to Japan. She’s bad at kanji to the point of asking the Producer to help show the furigana during an event. Elena is an excellent dancer, and in the manga along with Reika and Umi she was chosen as the backdancers for Miki, Takane and Hibiki’s tour.


Name: Nomura Kanako
Nickname:  Kakku (かっく)
Birthdate: 25 December
Hobbies/Skills: Walking, Taking pictures, Cats
Image Colour: Orange
Solo Songs:  Koigokoro Mascarade (恋心マスカレード),  Koi no Neiro Line (恋の音色ライン)
Other Work: Moretsu Uchuu Pirates (Kobayashi Marushouko)

She had a crush on Moomin’s Snufkin when she was 5 years old and enjoyed Fruits Basket to the point where she aimed to become a seiyuu when she was 13. Because she wanted to become taller, she joined the volleyball club in middle school, and grew from around 138cm to 153cm. Exactly on her 20th birthday, she was accepted by her current agency.


Name: Nikaido Chizuru
Age: 21
Birthdate: 21 October
Measurements: 85-58-86
Hobbies/Skills: Reading apparel magazines in cafes, remembering people’s names and faces

A fake celeb, she doesn’t disclose her family’s business but her family most likely own a butcher’s shop as she often brings ham cutlets and roast chicken for snacks. Chizuru is actually a hardworker who never misses her lessons. She calls Roco Koro, and treats her as if she’s a little dog.

Day 2 Only


Name: Toda Megumi  (戸田めぐみ)
Nickname: Maple (めーぷる), Toda-kun (戸田くん)
Birthdate: 8 December 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Hair care, karaoke, illustration
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs: Get My Shinin’, Unison☆Beat (ユニゾン☆ビート)
Other Work: Sakura Trick(Iizuka Yuzu), Etotama (Ki-tan)

Toda-kun has a pet cat, and she is close with Igarashi Hiromi (Futaba Anzu’s seiyuu) to the point of visiting the shrine together during new year. Prior to ML2nd, the latter asked Dire1 to pay attention to her especially as she’s terrible at dancing. During her audition as Ayumu she felt that Ayumu was a cool returnee dancer girl, but as she got to know her better, she felt similar to Ayumu as they’re both afraid of heights and can’t swim, in addition to having bad luck with trains.


Name: Maihama Ayumu
Age: 19
Birthdate: 23 July
Measurements: 86-60-88
Hobbies/Skills:  Shopping, Dancing

In High School Ayumu went to America to learn dancing, but despite being a returnee English isn’t Ayumu’s speciality because she mostly used body language and feeling while she was there. She is not very good at other sports either, Ami commented and said that she’s a great dancer, but everything else is a bit..


Name: Suegara Rie (末柄里恵)
Nickname: Suzie (すーじー)
Birthdate: 8 January
Hobbies/Skills: Singing, Soft Tennis
Image Colour: Purple
Solo Songs:  Orange no Sora no Shita (オレンジの空の下), bitter sweet
Other Work: DIABOLIK LOVERS (Komori Yui), Tokyo 7th Sisters (Kawasumi Sisala)

Suzie enjoys karaokeing, and she enjoys soy milk. During the 2nd live, she sang Sentimental Venus along with Nansu and Yuiton, but near the end of the performance, the music got cut off due to equipment problems, but the three of them continued their performance while the audience (including Chihaya’s seiyuu, Imai Asami) sang along .


Name: Toyokawa Fuka
Age: 22
Birthdate: 2 September
Measurements: 93-63-91
Hobbies/Skills: Blood donation, holding her breath

Fuka has the largest bust size in Million Live and she’s actually one of the idols with the most common sense in the group.  She used to be a nurse and she pays a lot of attention to the producer’s condition.


Name: Ogasawara Saki (小笠原早紀)
Nickname: Chakichan (ちゃきちゃん)
Birthdate: 29 March
Hobbies/Skills: Playing with cats, cooking
Image Colour:Red
Solo Songs: Heart♡・Days・Night☆ (Heart♡・デイズ・Night☆) Pretty~~~→Nyannyan! (プリティ〜〜〜ッ→ニャンニャンッ!)
Other Work: Kamisama no Memocho (Meo), Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Nakajo Azusa)

Saki was also a winner of the Seiyuu Award New Talent Audition similar to Zekky. She tweets and posts about her cats quite often. Recently she appeared in the Live The@ter Dreamer 05 release event and performed a duet with Roco’s Nakamura Atsuki. Along with Suzie she recently went to watch SideM‘s release event as two people from Ken Productions appeared in it.


Name: Nonohara Akane (野々原茜)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 3 December
Measurements: 80-58-79
Hobbies/Skills: Skipping, In-line Skating

Refers to herself as Akane-chan, she takes up the ‘annoying’ spot of the theater group. Akane herself wants to stand out but she also keeps up this character on purpose to be the comedy relief of the group.

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