HPTalk Episode 11

Really sorry about the big delay on this, it’s all my fault. Also sorry about the audio recording volumes… well, hopefully you can make it out enough. Also sorry about how tired I was recording this LOL.

The topic this episode is Million Live 3rd Tour: Believe My Dream, stops Nagoya and Sendai.


Podcast notes:

Hosts: omo (zombie ver)
Guests: GarbejP, MatchaP, ???
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current events (as of 2/15/2016)
  • ML3rd Nagoya & Sendai discussion (kind of long ep: 49:48)
  • Ending

Because I was out for half of Feb and recovering in the second half of Feb, I couldn’t get this episode out to you as soon as I would have liked, which was before C3.

This episode is different because we were able to record using a simple voice recorder within the same room. All prior episodes were done via Skype, so it was an entirely different setup. That would explain why this episode sounded different.

If it helps, you can refer to these two links for the set list of ML3rd Nagoya & Sendai.  Here are my writeups. I am probably missing some other links, which I will add later today/tomorrow. Or drop it in the comments pls!

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Hopefully we can record another episode soon. Like very soon? I hope?

Please! Give us some love in questions and messages! Use the form! We’re planning to record this weekend, but even if you missed that time we will welcome any questions & comments!

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