HPTalk Episode 12

We take a measured pace to release each episode. Or omo is just holding up the line just because?


Anyways, this week’s episode is really unusual so I hope you will forgive us for the content, and enjoy!

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Chuck & Kuro
Guests: Kei, Moy, JT, & omo
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current events (as of 3/5/2016) (5:45)
  • HPT Roast, a new corner (20:16)
  • Ending (43:43)

Please forgive us for this episode. You should also listen to this episode right away.

The opinion expressed in this week’s episode are wholly the opinion of the person who expressed each opinion and nobody else! Also if you want us to talk behind your back in public, you gotta level up those social links.

I think if you leave us some listener mail or questions we would not have to resort to things like this next time… Please use the form below and fill it out!

See you next recording guys….guys…?

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