CeTZEfSW8AAKdM6A yearly event at this point in time, The iDOLM@STER is back at Choukaigi, and this time, SideM is also joining! This year, the Nico Choukaigi will happen on April 29-30th in Makuhari Messe as usual. Unlike previous years where it was held over the weekend, this year’s Choukaigi actually starts on a Friday (although it is a public holiday in Japan). Do read up on Chuck’s previous post on the event if you’re not sure what Choukaigi is.

Stage Schedules (All times are in JST)


11:00 「THREE STARS!!!ステージ~描いてみた~ 」
THREE STARS!!! Stage ~Let’s Draw~
Performers: Shimoda Asami, Yamamoto Nozomi, Machico

SideM Live Viewing Stage ~Let’s Support~
Performers: Takatsuka Tomohito, Nagatsuka Takuma, Balletta Yutaka

15:00~「プラチナスターズステージ~紹介してみた~ 」
15:00 Platinum Stars Stage ~Let’s Introduce~
Performers: Hasegawa Akiko, Nigo Mayako, Shimoda Asami, Wakabayashi Naomi, Sakagami Youzo, Kutaragi Hayato

SideM Stage ~Let’s Confirm Our Bonds~
Performers: Nakamura Shuugo, Uchida Yuuma, Yashiro Taku, Takatsuka Tomohito, Nagatsuka Takuma, Balletta Yutaka

In addition Nakamura Shuugo, Uchida Yuuma, Yashiro Taku as Dramatic Stars and Ito Kento, Enoki Junya and Nakajima Yoshiki as S.E.M will appear in the Chouongakusai on this date. Judging on the live viewing stage’s timing, they’ll most likely perform from 13:00~ onwards.


Cinderella Girls Stage ~Let’s Get Into The Rhythm~
Performers: Oohashi Ayaka, Fukuhara Ayaka, Matsuzaki Rei, Oozora “Taiko no Tatsujin” Naomi

Million Live! Stage ~Let’s Report~
Performers: Yamazaki Haruka, Tadokoro Azusa, Machico, Fujii Yukiyo

Dereraji & Miliraji ~Let’s Mix Red and Blue~
Performers: Oohashi Ayaka, Fukuhara Ayaka, Yamazaki Haruka, Tadokoro Azusa

In addition, the usual Illustration Contest is also up!

A few things of note:

  • This marks the first The iDOLM@STER event appearance of  the new mothers: Wakabayashi Naomi since the 8th live, and for Hasegawa Akiko and Nigo Mayako, this is their first appearance in a live event since the M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD live in 2014.
  • In the past years they’ve also done the Live Viewing stage, and it has never been streamed, so we can expect them to not stream it.

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