As the live tour is entering the second half, we’ve got the Fukuoka performers’ profiles up. You can check out Mocho and Amamiya Sora’s profiles in the previous article for Sendai.


Name: Tamura Nao (田村奈央)
Nickname: Denchan
Birthdate: 10 October
Hobbies/Skills: Visiting cafes, reading, kendo
Image Colour: Red
Solo Songs: Ano ne, kiite hoshi koto ga arunda (あのね、聞いてほしいことがあるんだ), Ringo no March (りんごのマーチ)
Other Work: Aiura (Uehara Ayuko), Log Horizon (Minori)

Denchan is a fan of Sakamoto Maaya and BUMP OF CHICKEN. In primary school she wrote an essay titled “My Future Dream is becoming a Seiyuu” but as time goes on her dream keeps on changing before eventually deciding to be a seiyuu in university. In university a friend invited her to do a seiyuu audition, which she failed and this ended up causing her to be interested in the profession to the point of also enrolling in a school where she can learn how to do voice acting while going to university. Her first voice acting experience was when she recorded lines for Disgaea 4. She enjoys Arikawa Hiro’s novels like Toshokan Sensou. Denchan enjoys curry to the point of planning out on trying random curry restaurants she sees when walking around.



Name: Kinoshita Hinata (木下ひなた)
Age: 14
Birthdate: 4 July
Measurements: 74-55-78
Hobbies/Skills: Gardening, guessing the weather
In order to become an idol, Hinata left her hometown in Hokkaido and went to Tokyo. She’s still not  used to Tokyo and often asks people to hold her hand so she doesn’t get lost. Quite innocent, she calls Ami ‘shishou’ and Mami ‘sensei’.

D2 Seed

Name: Taneda Risa (種田梨沙)
Nickname: Tane-chan, SEED,
Birthdate: 12 July 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Drawing, Going to cafes
Image Colour: Green
Solo Songs: Asayake no Crescendo (朝焼けのクレッセンド), Hontou no Watashi (ホントウノワタシ)
Other Work: Gochuumon wa Usagi desuka? (Tedeza Rize), Kin-iro Mosaic!! (Komichi Aya) Yuyushiki (Hinata Yukari)

She enjoyed drawing when she was younger and wanted to go to an art school, but around middle school she found out about seiyuu also doing dubbing work from a seiyuu radio she was listening to. At that point, she also got really into Harry Potter, and wanted to try acting in a fantasy world. As a child, she learned the piano due to her mother’s influence, and even though she does not play anymore, she still enjoys listening to piano and violin performances.


Name: Tanaka Kotoha (田中琴葉)
Age: 18
Birthdate: 5 October
Measurements: 79-55-78
Hobbies/Skills: Bathing, Fishing

One of the more responsible idols in 765 Theater, she is also the class president in school. Kotoha is close with Elena and Megumi. When acting as the leader for units, she worries about the other members a lot. During the Platina Stars Live arc, she was chosen as the leader for Burning Girl, and didn’t feel like she’s up to it and ended up suggesting Megumi to be the leader, but eventually accepted the position.


Name: Hirayama Emi (平山笑美)
Nickname: Pirami
Birthdate: 24 September
Hobbies/Skills: Piano
Image Colour: Green
Solo Songs: FIND YOUR WIND!,  Sama☆Tori ~Summer Trip~ (サマ☆トリ 〜Summer trip〜)
Other Work: Kyofu Zombie Neko (Zombie Neko),

As a child she loved watching anime and wanted to become a wizard, and asked her mother about how anime characters talk, her mother told her that seiyuu were behind them and she aimed to be one. In the 4th grade, her teacher told her that she has a nice voice, and that she can become a seiyuu, and she believed that. She aims to become someone like Sakaguchi Yoshisada. Pirami also enjoys playing Monster Hunter, and looking at cat videos because she loves cat but is allergic to them.


Name: Kitakami Reika (北上麗花)
Age: 20
Birthdate: 17 May
Measurements: 84-58-84
Hobbies/Skills: Driving, Large lung capacity
Reika enjoys looking at people smile, and she lives in her own world, similar to Miya. During valentines, she made umeboshi flavoured chocolates because that day is also umeboshi day. She likes mountain climbing, and is proud of her large lung capacity. Reika is very playful, and in the Live The@ter Performance drama she played around with Julia a lot.


Name: Nakamura Atsuki (中村温姫)
Nickname: Atsuhime
Birthdate: 15 June
Hobbies/Skills: Flower Arranging, Tarot Fortune Telling
Image Colour: Yellow
Other Work: Disgaea 4 (Dimensional Gatekeeper), Makaishin Trillion (Kanban Musume)
Yuiton’s archrival, Atsuhime revealed that she is a Yomiuri Giants fan during the Live The@ter Dreamers event.  Lately she’s into collecting erasable pens, and also choosing fragrances for her room.


Name: Roco (ロコ)
Age: 15
Birthdate: 1 March
Measurements: 78-57-77
Hobbies/Skills: Making things, Can walk with eyes closed
A fifteen year old who is very passionate about her art, she chose the path of idol to be able to express herself as an artist. Roco makes her own outfits, and she also speaks using a lot of foreign words. Refers to herself as Roco, she gets called Koro by Chizuru a lot.


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