Today the Million Live 3rd Live tour is starting with the Nagoya venue, and next week, on 7 February 2016 the tour will move to Sendai. We’ll introduce the girls appearing in Sendai this time around. There was also a request for the profile of the idols too so people not familiar can get to know them too, I’ve added those into this article. The previous article was also updated to reflect this.

For Machico and Tsubati’s profile, please check the previous article as she also appeared in Nagoya!



Name: Itou Miku (伊藤美来)
Nickname: Miku (みっく)
Birthdate: 12 October 1996
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Tokusatsu, Kendo
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs: Toumei na Prologue (透明なプロローグ), Kuusou Bungaku Shoujo(空想文学少女)
Other Work: Futsuu no Joshikousei ga 「Locodol 」 wo Yattemita (Usami Nanako), Million Doll (Mariko)

Mikku wanted to become a seiyuu after getting influenced by Cardcaptor Sakura.  In a niconama with Kobayakawa Sae’s seiyuu, Tachibana Rika, Mikku said that she likes after the hero transforms, not because they’re handsome/cute when not transformed. In her 2015 Birthday Live, Psychic Lover‘s YOFFY came as a secret guest and did a duet of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger with her. Said YOFFY also wrote an original song titled Mousou Realize for Mikku as a birthday present.


Name: Nanao Yuriko (七尾百合子)
Age: 15
Birthdate: 18 March
Measurements: 78-56-80
Hobbies/Skills: Reading, twirling pens

Yuriko loves books more than anything, and she gets really excited when talking about books. Her teacher got mad at her for writing a book review that was longer than the book itself. In addition to books, she also likes playing online games with Anna and goes with the nick lilyknight online. They used the game to prepare for their live in the Platinum Star Live chapter of the game.


Name: Natsukawa Shiina (夏川椎菜)
Nickname:  Nansu(ナンス)
Birthdate: 18 July 1996
Hobbies/Skills: Panda, Knitting
Image Colour: Purple
Solo Songs:  Happy Darling,  VIVID イマジネーション (VIVID Imagination)
Other Work:  Classroom Crisis (Kaminagaya Aki), Sora no Method (Nonoka Komiya), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

A lover of panda who is recently interested in little chicks too, Nansu has two younger sisters and dotes on them. She auditioned to become a seiyuu when she was in Junior High School, and she wanted to become a seiyuu from when she was a 5th grader because of Precure. In middle school she joined the drama club in addition to the broadcasting club. She considers games her treasure.


Name: Mochizuki Anna (望月杏奈)
Age:  14
Birthdate: 31 May
Measurements:  78-53-79
Hobbies/Skills: Online games,typing

Plays online games with vivid_rabbit as her nickname, Anna is friends with Yuriko. Outside the stage, she’s generally in a relaxed off mode where she doesn’t look spirited at all, but when she turns on her on switch, Anna becomes really energetic. In the IDOLM@STER movie celebration voice drama, she found out about a game making job, turned on her switch and wrote 1gb worth of text planning out the game.

Other Members


Name: Asakura Momo (麻倉もも)
Nickname:  Mocho (もちょ)
Birthdate: 25 June 1994
Hobbies/Skills: Hula hoop, crossstich, reading manga
Image Colour: Pink
Solo Songs:  Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte (トキメキの音符になって) Yumeiro Train (夢色トレイン)
Other Work:  Charlotte (Otosaka Ayumi), Witchraft Works (Kazari Rin), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

Mocho knows what the ctrl and alt buttons on the keyboard stands for. In her first solo radio show, Mocho no Yamabanashi, she had a corner where she ate all kinds of instant ramen, and ends up forgetting to speak, she even asked the writer to speak for her for a bit. For a while, Mocho talked to Ayaneru (Sakura Ayane) formally even on LINE, and was really happy when Ayaneru told her to be more informal. She really likes Miyao Miya and was very excited to get a duet with her, and when they were informed of the choreography for the live, Mocho asked if they can change it so she can hold hands with Chouchou, and was given the okay.


Name: Hakozaki Serika
Age: 13
Birthdate: 20 February
Measurements:  74-54-76
Hobbies/Skills: Violin, Agility Handler

An innocent and curious girl from a wealthy family, Serika doesn’t know how to drink juice from a can and asked where the cup is. She also asked the Producer why guys like girls with big breasts. Her dog is named Junior, and she said that the Producer’s yawn is similar to Junior’s. In the Gessan manga she asked Mirai why the wooden chopsticks are stuck together.


Name: Amamiya Sora (雨宮天)
Nickname:  Tenchan (天ちゃん)
Birthdate: 28 August 1993
Hobbies/Skills: Grilling Meat, Legs, Bullying Mocho
Image Colour: Whitish
Solo Songs:  Liar Rouge (ライアー・ルージュ), Ehon (絵本)
Other Work:  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuko wo (Aqua), Monster Musume ni Iru Nichijou (Mia), TrySail‘s Tryangle harmony (Radio)

A sadist who loves bullying mocho and Nansu who gets enjoyment when Mocho fails at her corner in the radio. She considers mocho a pet.  She wanted to become a seiyuu after hearing Sawashiro Miyuki acting as different characters, and Tenchan herself wants to be able to do the same thing. Last christmas she wanted an air purifier.


Name: Kitazawa Shiho (北沢志保)
Age:  14
Birthdate: 18 January
Measurements: 83-56-84
Hobbies/Skills: Looking for her favourite picture books, good memory & concentration skills

Despite seeming cold, Shiho actually likes cute stuffed animals and picture books. Shiho is interested in acting the most, and she is not very good at using her body. In the Live The@ter Performance CD, Chihaya told Shiho to voice out her happiness when she’s feeling happy, just like other people told Chihaya to before. In the manga she treats Shizuka as a rival.


Name: Watanabe Yui (渡部優衣)
Nickname:  Yuiton (ゆい㌧), Hanshin (阪神)
Birthdate: 4 December 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Baseball (Hanshin Tigers suporter), Eating, Tennis
Image Colour: Blue
Solo Songs:  Happy★Lucky★Jet Machine, (ハッピー☆ラッキー☆ジェットマシーン), Super Lover
Other Work:  Teekyu (Oshimoto Yuri), Kusuda Aina & Watanabe Yui’s Kibun Joutou Radio (Ageage), Rei & Yui’s Bunka Housou Homerun Radio!

Loves baseball, this goddess of destruction gets called Hanshin by fellow imas seiyuu, Matsuzaki Rei. She liked Morning Musume and SPEED when she was younger, and would copy their choreography with her friends.  She started becoming interested in seiyuu as a profession from Prince of Tennis. The ton in Yuiton’s nickname comes from her love for pigs.


Name: Yokoyama Nao (横山奈緒)
Age:  17
Birthdate: 12 February
Measurements: 84-57-83
Hobbies/Skills: Going to public baths and onsen, has a lot of stamina

Comes from Osaka and speaks with a Kansai-ben, Nao’s older brother is a football player. In the Live The@ter Performance CD, her task was to speak with a normal Japanese, only to fail at it. Despite not excelling at it, she acts as tsukkomi depending on the member who is around.


Name: Murakawa Rie (村川梨衣)
Nickname: Rieshon (りえしょん)
Birthdate: 1 June 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Singing, watching movie, dancing, observing the sky, thinking about history, sports, doing calls to songs, moving around constantly
Image Colour: Red
Solo Songs:  チョー↑元気Show☆アイドルch@ng!, Up!10sion♪Pleeeeeeeeease!
Other Work:  Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Escha Malier), Etotama (Nyaatan), Vividred Operation (Futaba Aoi), Fairy Tail (Coco)

She wanted to become a seiyuu because of Hunter x Hunter. Rieshon also enjoys Jojo, and despite her personality she has a wide range of characters voiced, from calm oujosama types to a crazy cat. During events, she can make people laugh just by being there.  A while back while recording for Etotama, her stomach made a monstrously loud noise that everyone started laughing according to Hanamori Yumiri. When she was recording for Arisa, they told her to be herself.


Name: Matsuda Arisa (松田亜利沙)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 7 June
Measurements: 81-54-80
Hobbies/Skills:  Collecting idol data, seeing through an idol’s disguise

An idol wota turned idol, Arisa loves idols more than anything. She calls her twintails Arisa Antenna, and is known to put hidden cameras during lives to record them for her own purposes. In the manga, Arisa planned to go to every single venue for Miki, Takane and Hibiki’s live tour, and she does not want to get guest tickets, but instead she went on about the excitement you get while waiting for the live ticket application results. Truly one of us.


Name:  Kondo Yui (近藤唯
Nickname: Yunkon(ゆんこん)
Birthdate: 28 June 1988
Hobbies/Skills: Making snacks, Hula hoop, Nail Art
Image Colour: Brown-red
Solo Songs: Chiisana Koi no Ashioto (ちいさな恋の足音),  Yuukaze no Melody(夕風のメロディー)
Other Work: Noucome (Yukihira Furano), Transformers Adventure (Strongarm)

Actually plays Million Live seriously to the point of ranking during events, Yunkon draws shoujo manga styled drawing of the characters, especially during their birthdays. In her second year of high school she enrolled herself in Nihon Gakuin’s seiyuu /acting department. A bit after enrolling, there was a school audition which she failed at, and she felt that this strictness helped her. She got interested in robots thanks to Gundam SEED.


Name: Shinomiya Karen (篠宮可憐)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 27 August
Measurements: 90-59-90
Hobbies/Skills: Aromatherapy, Poker Face

Despite looking very flashy, Karen is actually shy and thinks negatively. In the Platinum Star Live chapter, she was chosen as the leader of ARRIVE and had to deal with the bullying from President Kuroi but managed to get through it and grow from the experience.

D2 Yuucha

Name: Kahara Yuu (郁原ゆう)
Nickname: Yuucha
Birthdate: 19 February
Hobbies/Skills: Making snacks, massage
Image Colour: Purple
Solo Songs: Hohoemi Biyori (微笑み日和)、Kimi dake no Kakera (君だけの欠片)
Other Work:  Shingun Destroy (Oyama Saki), Houseki (OP to Drama CD Ayagamix)

A naturally positive person, Yuucha wanted to become a seiyuu because in high school, a friend of hers was depressed, and she didn’t understand what it felt like but wanted to support said friend. To her, her glasses is a part of herself that cannot be removed. She didn’t study acting in school and went to a specialised school to study for two years before doing another year in a training school. In 2013 with the release of Million Live, she finally debuted as Emily. On twitter, she replies to her fans from time to time.


Name: Emily Stewart
Age: 13
Birthdate: 8 January
Measurements: 74-54-78
Hobbies/Skills: Karuta, Traditional Japanese Dance

An English girl who was taught traditional Japanese dance by her parents from when she was younger, Emily loves Japan and wants to become a Yamato Nadeshiko. She calls the Producer shikakenin-sama (仕掛け人様) because she doesn’t want to use katakana/English. Refers to Iori, Takane and Makoto as Iori-sama, Takane-sama and Makoto-sama respectively.


Name: Harashima Akari (原嶋あかり)
Nickname: Popo-chan
Birthdate: 9 March 1990
Hobbies/Skills: Walking, karaoke, collecting cat goods, skiing
Image Colour: Yellow
Solo Songs: Goodday Sunshine (グッデイ・サンシャイン!)Animal☆Station! (アニマル☆ステイション!)
Other Work: Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Chris’ friend)

139cm tall, she was mistaken for a primary schooler when she went to eat with her sister and another friend. She comes from a place that takes 8 hours by bus from Sapporo in Hokkaido and is licensed in food hygiene. Her town is so remote that the closest JUSCO is 100 km away.


Name: Nakatani Iku
Age: 10
Birthdate: 16 December
Measurements: 74-52-53
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Anime, Waking up early

The youngest 765 Theater member, Iku likes watching anime. Among the theater members, she’s close with Momoko and Tamaki. Iku doesn’t like to be treated as a kid but she honestly likes getting praised. In the Platinum Star Live, she was in Mixnuts along with Konomi, Mami, Minako and Hinata and suggested having animals around during the Platinum Star Live to get the audience hyped.

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