Recapping Idolm@ster Seiyuu Solo Debuts


It’s becoming more and more common today for seiyuu to venture into the world of solo musical careers not unlike that of traditional idols. In the past year there have been an incredible amount of seiyuu who have announced their own solo debuts and unsurprisingly many of them are also idolm@ster seiyuu. These solo careers aren’t technically related to idolm@ster but are still often supported by the established fans from the idolm@ster fanbase. Since we’re all DDs (daredemo daisuki “I like anyone”) here anyway I wanted to take a minute to list the recent im@s seiyuu who have debuted recently. I’ve been a supporter and fan of Mingosu and Eriko’s solo music the past few years myself and have found it to be a truly rewarding experience watching them perform both in and outside of idolm@ster. With so many young and cute seiyuu getting solo debuts lately it no longer really surprises me whenever another solo debut is announced anymore but I still get excited and can’t wait to see what’ll be in store for them in the upcoming future. So if you’re a fan of young and cute girls, bad news but prepare those wallets now. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ



Murakawa Rie (Matsuda Arisa)

Label: columbia
Debut CD: Sweet Sensation/Baby, My First Kiss (2016-06-01)



Watanabe Yui (Yokoyama Nao)

Label: Tokuma
Debut CD: FUN FAN VOX (2016-06-08)



Hirayama Emi (Kitakami Reika)

Label: Prestar



Itou Miku (Nanao Yuriko)

Label: columbia
Debut CD: Awa to Verbena (2016-10-12)



Shimoji Shino (Nakano Yuka)

Label: FlyingDog
Debut CD: God Save the Girls (2016-10-26)



Asakura Momo (Hakozaki Serika)

Label: Sony
Debut CD: Ashita wa Kimi to (2016-11-02)



Numakura Manami (Ganaha Hibiki)

Label: FlyingDog
Debut CD: Sakebe (2016-11-02)



Ueda Reina (Kousaka Umi)

Label: Lantis
Debut CD: RefRain (2016-12-21)



Matsui Eriko (Kamiya Nao)

Label: Tokuma
Debut CD: Nijiyoubi (2017-01-25)

Whew, and those are only the seiyuu who have debuted solo in the past year. Some of the Horipro girls like Tadokoro Azusa, Machico, Ohashi Ayaka have already been performing solo along with Amamiya Sora from Muray too. Not to mention the history of solo careers among 765 and 876 seiyuu with Eriko, Mingosu, Akky, Kugyuu, Chiaking, Harami, Hanazawa Kana and Tomatsu Haruka. Nu’s solo announcement feels like it’s been long overdue so it’s great to see her finally do so.  Cinderella Girls also has a couple seiyuu who are also very famous for their other anime roles and also do solo singing like Uesaka Sumire, Harada Hitomi, Taketatsu Ayana, Uchida Maaya, and Hayami Saori.

Of the recent debut announcements, I’m personally most interested in the direction of Ueda Reina’s myself. I’m already a fan of her singing from Million Live and the promotional videos for her from Lantis’ youtube are quite unique and surreal. Matsui Eriko and (Kamiya) Nao are also fan favorites of mine so I’m looking forward to her upcoming work as well. Funny that Tokuma’s managed to debut both idolm@ster Naos right?

So tell me whose solo careers are you looking forward to the most? Which solos have you already been supporting? What’s your financial damage gonna be like?



REVISED to add Hirayama Emi and reference a few others I’d get beaten up for not mentioning

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