How to apply for ML4th


Hi everyone. This might be your first time to apply to an overseas event and need help to go through the application for Million Live 4th.


You may have bought a CD or 30 of MillionLive Theater Activities 01 but it will all be the same on how to apply through eplus. You could use your serial code from your CD up to 3 times, which means you can use the same code three times. You can enter the website on your serial code slip onto your browser or just click here. Just note that each time you enter the code you have to go from this URL, and not the one in the browser.


Insert your 16-character serial number from LTA01, LTA02 or LTA03 and click the button and it will take you to the following screen. You may insert this serial code up to 3 times and apply to the same day or different day.


Click on the yellow button on the day you would like to apply for. Day 1 and Day 2 are shown on the image although this event will be 3 days. Make sure you click on the day you want to apply.


Enter the security code and log into your eplus account. (If you don’t have an eplus account then make one. You can find how to on the net.)


Again. Make sure you are applying for the day you would like.

First drop down is the day and time of the event. This won’t change and will match the day you chose (for this event at least).

Second drop down is the ticket price you would like. Once again this won’t change because you’re going to a Japanese live you will pay the same for an amazing seat and a terrible seat in a lottery based ticketing system.

Third drop down is the amount of tickets you would like. You may apply up to 2 tickets per serial number. If you do win 2 tickets, you must pay for 2 tickets so choose accordingly. (If you win 2 and don’t need the other one, there is always someone willing to buy it off you.)

Last choose your method of payment and delivery. Payment methods include credit card (Japanese only), FamilyMart, and 7-11. Delivery includes mail to Japanese address, pickup at FamilyMart or 7-11. Choose accordingly, you are responsible on how you’re going to pay for your tickets before the deadline.


Click all the pink buttons on the button until you reach this page and message.


Look at you. You just applied to your first Million Live event. (I’m still sad I missed ML3rd ;_;)

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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