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HPTalk Episode 17 – Otakon Speakeasy

This episode is the Otakon 2016 Speakeasy. Please set your listening equipment to stereo to enjoy!

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Houkago P Talk in Hawaii Livestream

HPTalk is going to KawaiiKon and we are going to have a little episode the day before, on April 7th. We will be live streaming from Hawaii!


When: Thursday April 7th 9PM Pacific/Friday April 8th 12Midnight Eastern/Friday April 8th 1PM JST

Where: Chuck’s Ustream channel is where the streaming happens.

There’s a plan B, which is Periscope. In any case please check @HoukagoPTime for last minute updates.

It’s not too late to send us viewer mail but we will probably take your comments also from twitter and such. Again, details will be announced on the @HoukagoPTime twitter account.

Please tune in! m(_ _)m