HPTalk episode 20 – Know a P?

Today’s HPTalk is about SukeP!

ANorth 2014

Also why is HPT(ry

Podcast notes:

Hosts: Chuck, Kuro
Guest: Suke
Produce: omo
Edit: Rico

  • Intro
  • Current & upcoming events (as of 11/6/2016)
  • Shuukuji
  • Know a P: Podcast version – SukeP
  • Ending

We answer a couple letters about CG4th! If you have more questions or comments feel free to send us a letter using the form below! You can now also email us at hptalk@hpt.moe if you prefer that, but please also include the necessary info (radio name etc) if you want us to read your letter in the show!

Nunu’s new CDNunu solo artist site

SukeP is from Japan but he was instrumental in the early days when HPT wasn’t actually HPT yet. So this is a good perspective!

As usual thank you for listening and please write in your comments, questions, usual banter, blackmail info, what have you, in the form below! If you want to be on the show or if you have any seiyuu you want us to talk about, please let us know!


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