Better Know a Producer #17: Robert


I’m running out of things to say in these intros. Wait Rob is a MakotoP? I had no idea until now… er, anyway, without further ado, RobertP…!

Edit: Due to popular demand by Robert fans I’ve been requested to write more about Rob. I actually hung out with Rob a lot during my trip for 10th anniversary we also shared rooming together. I’m pretty sure there were like 3 times I was locked out of the apartment and he had to come outside to get so me or others so he’s a really good person!

1. How did you first learn about “The iDOLM@STER”? What were your first impressions?

I first learned about Im@s from watching the Nico Nico medley videos. Agent was the first Im@s I ever heard and after finding out it was an im@s song, I started to look into the franchise more.

2. Have you played any of the idolm@ster games? Which is your favorite?

I played one of the PSP games, Shiny festa and OFA. OFA is my favorite since it more accessible to people with limited Japanese and the fact you can produce all the idols. Though I still have to finish the game. Eventually. I also play Derestage and ML regularly. I used to play CG when it came out but I stopped due to the heavy restrictions. SideM I played for 5 minutes before the servers died for months.

3. Which idol is your favorite and why?

Out of all the idols in 765Pro, 346Pro and Million Live, Makoto is my all time favorite. I love her voice and her personality. Also tomboys are sexy.

In 346Pro, Kaede is my favourite because her voice and personality as well. For Million Live, Chizuru is my favourite. I fell in love with Chizuru when she tried to do the ojou-sama laugh and started coughing.

4. What is your favorite idolm@ster song and why?

I don’t really have a favorite Im@s song since I usually don’t think of ranking songs or anything honestly. I guess if I had to pick, it would currently be M@sterpiece. I don’t have a real reason as to why its my favourite. It’s just really hype for me.

5. What’s your favorite aspect of the idolm@ster series?

The music is my most favorite part of the series since there is so many songs. There is literally a song for everyone.

6. When and how did you become a “Producer”? That is, when did you consider yourself an idolm@ster fan?

Originally I started watching Im@s videos on youtube. Doing so got me interested in the franchise. When I became hyped that anim@s was announced was when I think I started down the path of a Producer

In my first year of university, I met my first P friend. He was so excited to finally meet a fellow P after years of unsuccessfully trying to convert people. He is the reason I started watching Im@s lives as he showed me 7th.

Then that year, Eriko North was announced. There I met what would later become HPT. I remember meeting Chuck, Kuro and the long gone Roba in the autograph line. However, since I am pretty anti-social, I didn’t keep in contact with them.

The next year at Harami North, a certain average MikiP finds out that I’m from Montreal as well.  He “kidnaps” me to his room after the Friday autograph line, where I met the other HPT members and joined HPT. I would say soon after this is when I really become a P. And its all been downhill (for my wallet) from there.

7. Have you ever been to an idolm@ster live concert? Please share your experience or any particularly special memories if so.

The only Im@s live I’ve been to is 10th. The whole 10th trip and the live was amazing. Day 1, I was in the stands with Kuro, Vae and Altered right in front of where Fuurin, Meshiya and Ruuri’s carts. Day 2, I was with Kuro and Rico in the center of the arena.

There were too many great moments from the live. Notable memories from the live for me were
-Pon de Beach (Damn you prsv you lucky bastard)
-Meshiya and Ruuri fighting on the carts in front of us
-Destiny and the crowd failing at the wave
-Perfect view of Fuurin on both days
-Koroazu hover handing Machico’s butt
-Koroazu failing at Rebellion during MC
-Eriko’s speech after my song ;___;
-ML Dreaming PV hype

Even outside of the live, the trip was amazing. Friday Izakaya, Ninbin’s offkai, all night karaoke and 10th day 3 Harukas concert was all amazing.

Shout out to Ninbin and his crew for the amazing offkai. And to Kara and Rico for the 10th tickets.

8. Do you play any of the mobile game series such as Cinderella Girls and Million Live?

I used to Cinderella Girls though stopped due to various reasons. I still somewhat actively play Million Live. I played SideM for around 5 minutes at launch before the servers went down. Nowadays, I mainly focus on Derestage.

9. Are you watching the Cinderella Girls anime? What are your thoughts?

Yes, I watched Dereani. I really enjoyed Dereani. Before the anime started, I mainly only like cool idols with a few passion ones thrown in there. After watching the anime, I became more open to the other idols especially cute ones. Uzuki’s arc especially hit home since I can 100% relate to what she was feeling. After finishing Dereani, all I want to do is go to CG 3rd. Too bad I can’t ;___;

10. Do you have any favorite seiyuu related to the idolm@ster series?

Hayamin is my favorite seiyuu related to Im@s. Her voice is just so beautiful. So glad I got to meet her at Otakon last year. Best 20 seconds.

Other seiyuus I love related to Im@s are Minorin, Harukas, Moyochi, Naobou and Fuurin. Out of the 765Pro cast, I would say Eriko, Harami and Asapon since they came to Canada.

11. Shout out your love about the idolm@ster series, say anything you’d like!

To every producers I have met, I am seriously very thankful to have met you. You guys are some of the funnest people I have ever met. And to all future producers who I will meet, I hope meet you in real life soon. Thank you all for making my Im@s experience even better. Thank you HPT for pushing me down this horrible path. And thank you Scamco for making Im@s.


12. [From Frank] What are your top ten Kaede-tier puns?

I hate you Frank. In the Canada chat, I am known for not being the biggest fan of puns. Which doesn’t help when you have Kara, Frank and Seraph in the chat.

Now what would be my top 10 Kaede tier puns? Honestly I don’t know. I love all of Kaede’s puns (yes I’m a hypocrite) but I can’t remember any of them. I can’t even remember what terrible puns Kara makes on a daily basis. So my horrible ranking would look something like this:

1.All of Kaede’s puns
2-10. All other good puns
999. Those goddamn food pun line stickers
9999. Kara’s Puns

13. Say something about the next interviewed person (Landro), also please ask them a question.

Landro is the biggest AmiMami P in HPT (that I can remember). The first time I met Landro was at Asapon North.  Being one of the few members of HPT actually living in Japan, we rely on him a lot. Thank you and sorry Landro making you put up with my stuff at 10th.

So my question is, since you are an English teacher in Japan, your English class consists of the 765Pro cast who are learning English to  prepare for their first North American concert. How would a typical day in your class go?

You can follow Robert on Twitter @OrobleRL

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