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#02 in the Better Know a Producer series, our very own Kurotsuki! Or perhaps better known to the world as Average Miki P. Who is Average Miki P and why is he so average? I’d like to know too, but this is the tweet that started it all when a Japanese P at Anime North 2014 discovered the average overseas Miki P,  since then he has been spotted in the likes of Shinjuku Wald 9, Kotobukiya in TOKYO, and even getting slapped by a pirate maid.

1. How did you first learn about “The iDOLM@STER”? What were your first impressions?

Back in 2007, this anime called ”Idolmaster: Xenoglossia” aired. I vaguely knew that it was based on arcade game, but it was not until I encountered issues with the direction the anime was going that I started looking up the source material.
Xenoglossia almost made me hate the franchise, but I was saved from this thanks to Miki. I’ll get back to that later.

2. Have you played any of the idolm@ster games? Which is your favorite?

I have played iM@S 2, One for All and a bit of Shiney Festa.
My favorite is definitely One for All; while iM@S 2 was great, it was too complicated for me.

3. Which idol is your favorite and why?


My appreciation of iDOLM@STER is entirely linked to how I appreciate a song.
When Xenoglossia was airing and it made me ressent some stuff, stumbling upon 「relations」saved the entire franchise for me. It made me look into it and realize it was more than a mediocre robot anime.
My love for 「relations」made me look into Miki and what I found about her made me love her so much.
If you had to ask me which idol represents me the most in iM@S it would be withouth a doubt Miki. She’s a bit what I used to be like and somewhat still am in someway. More than meet the eyes, can be lazy, likes to sleep and eat rice balls, but when she will never let you down and will always overperform when she is needed.

4. What is your favorite idolm@ster song and why?

My first favorite is to this day still my ultimate favorite: 「relations」
I now love a lot more iM@S songs, but 「relations」 is my first love and I’ll never forget it.
I am the type of person that likes cool and yet sad sounding songs. When I first heard it, I was in a place in my life where this song resonated extremly well with me. It was basically love at first hearing.

5. What’s your favorite aspect of the idolm@ster series?

There’s too many of them.
First and foremost the Music of iM@S, this is what really got me into this.
Along the way I found more and more things to love about it.
Seeing all the passion the 765P seiyuus have for iM@S,
the comradeship between fellow Producers, no matter who they are or where they are in the world.
The support Ps give each others is truely beautiful, I have rarely and almost never saw this in any other fandom.
iM@S is truely great.


6. When and how did you become a “Producer”? That is, when did you consider yourself an idolm@ster fan?

2013 is when I became a real “Producer”.
I had liked iM@S since 2007, even considering importing a Japanese Xbox to play iM@S back then, but I never followed suit and got back it .
in 2013, a friend gave me his iM@S 2 on PS3 copy to play and I immediately got back into it. Miraculously that same year something magical happened, I got to meet Eriko Nakamura at Anime North.
Meeting Eriko changed everything for me. It wasn’t only Eriko that was meeting, it was my first time interacting with “Producers”.
Things happened really quickly after, I don’t really understand how it happened so fast, but I don’t need to, iM@S is that great.

7. Have you ever been to an idolm@ster live concert? Please share your experience or any particularly special memories if so.

I went last year (2014) for the first time to im@s live in Japan.
The 9th Anniversary live in Japan.
I had never even planned to attend it, but fate decided otherwise.

Experience ? Particular Special Memories ? what to say. It was way more magical than in my wildest dreams.
The girls performed songs I had been wanting to hear for so long.
Producers in Japan are the greatest, everybody is the greatest.
I would like to be objective about this, but that’s impossible.
iM@S is the best.

I will invite you to go read it more detailed impression that contain less fawning over my blog.

8. Do you play any of the mobile game series such as Cinderella Girls and Million Live? 

I have never tried Cinderella Girls, but I occasionally (read this as : rarely) play Million Live once every 3 blue moon when I remember to login and tap my screen.

9. Are you watching the Cinderella Girls anime? What are your thoughts?

Deremas is to me what animas was for many.
I’ve know of Cinderella Girls for a while now, I had listened to the CDs, I knew which songs I liked, which songs I didn’t , but I never really appreciated the characters themselves because I didn’t knew them.
I started to get interested in some of them right off the bat ( Mika, Ranko) but I ignored the rest I suppose.
Thanks to deremas, I was able to start appreciate and loving idols I never would have suspected I could like(  Miku) and cemented my love of the ones I already liked.
This fact alone makes me love the Cinderella girl anime so much that I can’t objectively find any fault to it.
TakeP is also one of the best sources of entertainment, he really add to the overall enjoyment of this anime.
I’m glad to finally experience what Ps felt when they watched Animas.

10. Do you have any favorite seiyuu related to the idolm@ster series?

Asami Shimoda.
She’s the greatest. I love her attitude, I love her passion, I love her voice (all of them ww) , I love the work she’s done over the years, I love everything she does, I love the facial expressions the makes, I love it all. All !


She’s the one I would want to hang out with the most, I would never get bored of it and have a blast everytime.
Asapon, I love you.

11. Shout out your love about the idolm@ster series, say anything you’d like!

アイマス最高!!! ; It truly is.
Thank you iDOLM@STER for coming into my life, it’s been a non-stop fun ride since, let’s keep this going.
Thanks to all the fan whom I share my passion with everyday, you guys are also the best.


12. [From ExcielP] What’s your favorite thing about Mocho (Asakura Momo)?
All the anime songs she’s made so far. The Garupan Op/Ed collection of hers is really great , but my favorite is her song from That robot ani- oh wait, did you say Mocho? Aww man I thought you meant Choucho.
Wait, so who is Mocho anyway ?


13. Say something about the next interviewed person (Vota), also please ask them a question.

Vota, my Canadia Bro from my home province. I met Vota for the first time last year at Anime North 2014, and it felt only natural that we’d embark on a 10hs road trip to Baltimore 3 month for Otakon with me DJ’ing idol songs while he tries to sleep in the back.
Vota is the cool Seiyuu meta Bro, if you’ve got questions about Seiyuus, in HPT he is definitely one of the most knowledgeable. It’s also somehow gotten him the title of DD of the North ( that he’s generously bestowed to me )

So my question to you Vota is : What kind of idol would Mikakoshi (Komatsu Mikako) voice ?



You can follow Kurotsuki on Twitter @Kurotsuki

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  1. “Asapon, I love you.”

    With ~upcoming events~, would there be a change in your wife situation? Or, dare I say, there be an increase in your wife situation?

    Hahaha, cheers, I enjoyed reading about how Ps got into im@s, especially yours.

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