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Better Know a Producer #12: ShinP

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An update? An update! Today’s interviewed P in the Better Know a P series is Shin the Yayoi P who perhaps needs little introduction to anibloggers and/or lolicons around the world of the internet. It’s a bit hard to describe Shin due to his internet repertoire and personality but behind the shitposting tweeter that he’s known to be is someone I’ve known to exhibit unexpected sophistication and reason and generosity. There are times I still don’t believe the person I met in real life was really Shin, but the one memory of him I will share with you involves a 1000 yen dollar being shoved into his pants when I first met him. (^◇^;)

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Better Know a Producer #11: Omo


Today’s featured Producer is Omo a MakotoP and also the guy you can mostly thank for putting this website together! I’m clearly running out of things to say for these P intros but one thing to certainly note is Omo looks a lot like the WUG guy. He also really gets into doing calls and cheering during lives whether BD or in real life despite being an ossan himself. Thinking about it, so do I. A-Am I going to look like that too one day…?

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Better Know a Producer #07: JT

7thwraith Business Card v5 (2)

Although completely by chance, it’s quite appropriate that #07 in our Better Know a Producer series is our very own 7thwraith aka JT and a P from the East Coast! You could say the origins of HPT were founded by my very own encounter with JT, which began as a simple twitter lodging request to a stranger for Anime North 2013. Since then he’s become a close friend but unfortunately as JT grew more as a P over the years so did the number of his waifus and today there’s unlikely to be a more famous DD (nipponese term for Daredemo Daisuki or “loves anyone”) than JT.  If you don’t believe me just wait until you read the visual novel he wrote down below.

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Better Know a Producer #05: Shinikenshi


Every successful group of organized criminals has a tough and respected boss and Shinikenshi fills that role for us. Some say he once fought a tiger with nothing but a glowstick and a mahjong tile as weapons and won. Ok nobody says that, but in any case Shinikenshi is a very valuable member of HPT who is always helping the other members out, especially with buying goods from Japan. He even once sacrificed his own luggage just so he could bring back goods to the others back in the west (;_;). Being an old man, we really shouldn’t rely on him so often, but I guess it can’t really  be helped. Sorry boss!

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Better Know a Producer #04: Seraph



I promise this is the last Canadian P for now. #04 in our Better Know a Producer series, Seraph another Producer from the frigid north! It’s quite odd but you could say I’ve known Seraph the longest out of anyone in HPT. We both were on the Tales series online forums back in 2007 but we didn’t talk to each other much (remember I said Tales actually introduced me to im@s). 7 years later he would become discovered by the Canadian Ps and became more converted to im@s and that’s when I got to know him better. Life’s funny.

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