Cinderella Girls anime volumes 2, 3 updates


Via, the expectant G4U to couple with volumes 2 and 3 of the Cinderella Girls Anime are confirmed. The LEs for them will come with the usual spread of expectant items but no details yet on who’s on which. Volume 2 is due out 6/25 and volume 3 is 7/23.

Next week’s Cinderella Girls anime (2/28) will be a special program and the 8th episode will resumes in 2 weeks. Details here, but the three New Generations seiyuu will accompany TakeuchiP on this program.

Lastly, Nico will be streaming the first 7 episodes next weekend, not that it matters to most of you reading this.

News 2015/02/19

News on is super casual, so please don’t mind the format, frequency, or omissions here and there. In fact, help yourselves to the news sites out there in the Links page. All we’re doing is aggregating them in English, kinda.

– LTH 9 and 10 details released. First batch of previews on youtube.

– Next takubon of the IM@S Comic is due April and you can preview the cover.

PS. It’s just for the record, so I’m going to say it only once – there is an event schedule on the official IM@S site that lists all the time-sensitive events. By that I mean pre-recorded radio shows, which there are like 5 of them (IM@Studio, Aisute, Derepa, Dereraji, Miliraji), plus the Deremas anime this half of the year. On top of those are the special events that make eventers eventers. It’s all here. Bookmark this or whatever.

Introduction to Million Live!

Million Live Main Logo

Most Idolmaster fans are unable to get into Million Live or Cinderella Girls because the amount of idols added make it difficult to get to know them and the difficulty of accessing the mobile games overseas. There are guides online for that so I won’t be discussing that. I’m planning on writing a few posts on Million Live since it’s how I came to love and appreciate The Idolmaster series as a whole before only being a casual fan of the series because of the anime.

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Introducing @HoukagoPTime, Anniversary

Follow @HoukagoPTime for updates from this site and much more. I hope you like cartoon idols!

The main Houkago P Time chat has reached its first anniversary on 2/19. That is a meaningless number in light of the lives it touched and the fact that the core group formed over the years well before 2014. But at any rate, we are as hyped about the 10th Anniversary as you are, and today is as good as any day to get things rolling!

PS. Happy Birthday Kaachan! Yuucha!

Flower stand for AISUTE!!! Zenzen Aitakatta!

So I’m kind of trying out a new shop for setting up a flower stand, using Aisute!!! as the event. I personally listens to it regularly and subscribe for the omake stuff, and I think it would be cool if others who enjoy Nu/Haramii/Azumin (and Mingosu I guess?) as part of the currently longest running IM@S radio show want to help pitch in to pay for it.

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The 10th IDOLM@STER One For All DLC pack is now available for you to preview on Youtube. As usual that stuff is filed away on its own page on the OFA subsite.

Shiburin performs her song with a mic stand. Is that the first time we see something like this because wow.