A note on Anime North

Producers in North America may know about Anime North, which is one of the largest anime conventions in the US and Canada. Located in Toronto and held on US’s Memorial Day Weekend each year, the con hosted two 765PRO ALLSTAR character voice guests in the past two years. Nakamura Eriko (CV: Haruka) was a Guest of Honor in 2013, and Hara Yumi (CV: Takane) was a Guest of Honor in 2014.

Many Ps are wondering what will Anime North bring for 2015 in terms of its strangely coincidental IM@S connection. Maybe they’re just Arts Vision guests that ANorth’s GR has a knack in inviting? I don’t know. What I do know is last year a bunch of us who were able to attend Anime North held an offkai, or a meet up, for Producers who attended the con.

The reception last year was probably the most organized one yet, where we were able to contact some Japanese Ps before they headed over, and to spread the word about the offkai. Ps from North America also got the word out, to some degree. The offkai was really a long dinner at the one facility big enough and close enough to accommodate us.

In the case that it happens for the third year in a row, does anyone want to do a meet-up at Anime North? More importantly here is a survey that would be helpful as a matter to gauge people’s interests. Please fill it out.

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  1. i’m waiting for azumin, but since i read about the offkais I wanted to join to you guys., i hope the next year be able to join. i just need improve my english a bit more and save some money. this year is so early to me.

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