Flower stand for AISUTE!!! Zenzen Aitakatta!

So I’m kind of trying out a new shop for setting up a flower stand, using Aisute!!! as the event. I personally listens to it regularly and subscribe for the omake stuff, and I think it would be cool if others who enjoy Nu/Haramii/Azumin (and Mingosu I guess?) as part of the currently longest running IM@S radio show want to help pitch in to pay for it.

I say “pay for it” because we’re almost out of time to make any creative changes, so I have already gone ahead and do a IT Police joke flower stand based on the “Nippon Fruits Cash” joke. The only main thing left that we can change is the placard for the flower. Currently the plaque is stated to say:

Congratulations on reunion radio event!
From oversea circle Ho-kago Producer Time

I came up with it in like 3 seconds, so I’m sure someone (or all of us together) can do a better job. Then again I don’t think it’s really a blank canvas of creativity, you know? I use the term “circle” because, well, we’re weaboos I guess. Plus we’re using the term Houkago or Ho-kago or whatever already, it is already beyond any redemption. Option is on the table to do the text in Japanese also.

Flower shop Hananoki is who we’re working with to do this thing. I’ll do a detail break down once we’re done with the event.

Anyway, if you don’t have an opinion on the flower stand designs or what not and just want to donate, best bet is to contact (me) omo on twitter (@omonomono) or LINE and I’ll give you the payment info. If you have ideas, post in the comments or just let him know.

[edit] OK we’ve finalized the placard, I hope we can give you an update soon!

One thought on “Flower stand for AISUTE!!! Zenzen Aitakatta!”

  1. Think the group name should be “Houkago P Time” as that’s what we use in LINE. It also reads a bit better without the hyphen.

    Will be willing to pitch in a bit.

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