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The IDOLM@STER Weekly Updates

This week was a busy week for The IDOLM@STER, despite all the happenings (winds preventing planes from landing, shinkansen power out, fire at the Sendai port) the Cinderella Girls 5th tour started with a bang at Sendai. Million Live broke 800k registrations for Million Theater, and SideM had their second live BD announced.

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Kouhaku Ouen Victory & 765 Pro news!



So Kouhaku Ouen V will be released tomorrow, and to celebrate it Kami, Akky, Nunu, Harami and Azumin appeared on a niconama today, along with Fechigawa, Nobita Lolicon Boy and Eraitani and talked about the songs in the CD.

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Flowers for Million Live 4th Anniversary at Budokan

[The flower contribution has closed! We have to finalize the name board early so sorry about that. Please contact me if you have any questions.]

Producer-san, Budokan desuyo! Budokan!

The 4th Million Live Anniversary is happening soon, and it’s happening at Budokan! A few HPT members will be attending the event, and we want to celebrate this moment by sending a flower stand similar to what we’ve done before.

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